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Ioana D. Vladescu, Micah J. McCauley, Ioulia Rouzina, and Mark C. Williams Published 6 October 2005 158102

Harmonic Response of Cellular Membrane Pumps to Low Frequency Electric Fields D. Nawarathna, J. H. Miller, Jr., J. R. Claycomb, G. Cardenas, and D. Warmflash Published 6 October 2005 158103

Picosecond-Time-Scale Fluctuations of Proteins in Glassy Matrices: The Role of Viscosity Elena Cornicchi, Giuseppe Onori, and Alessandro Paciaroni Published 6 October 2005 158104

Scaling Exponents and Probability Distributions of DNA End-to-End Distance Francesco Valle, Mélanie Favre, Paolo De Los Rios, Angelo Rosa, and Giovanni Dietler Published 6 October 2005 158105

Influence of Hydrodynamic Coupling on Pair Diffusion in a Quasi-One- Dimensional Colloid System Xinliang Xu, Stuart A. Rice, Binhua Lin, and Haim Diamant Published 4 October 2005 158301

Logic Backbone of a Transcription Network

  • M.

    Cosentino Lagomarsino, P. Jona, and

  • B.


Published 6 October 2005 158701

Anomalous Wave Reflection at the Interface of Two Strongly Nonlinear Granular Media

V. F. Nesterenko, C. Daraio, E. B. Herbold, and S. Jin Published 6 October 2005 158702

October 14, 2005

Volume 95, No. 16 Articles (16xxxx)


Melting of Copper and Nickel at High Pressure: The Role of d Electrons Stefanie Japel, Beate Schwager, Reinhard Boehler, and Marvin Ross Published 12 October 2005 167801

Relating Airway Diameter Distributions to Regular Branching Asymmetry in the Lung Arnab Majumdar, Adriano M. Alencar, Sergey V. Buldyrev, Zoltán Hantos, Kenneth R. Lutchen, H. Eugene Stanley, and Béla Suki Published 12 October 2005 168101

Stiffness of Optical Traps: Quantitative Agreement between Experiment and Electromagnetic Theory Alexander Rohrbach Published 13 October 2005 168102

Nonequilibrium Raftlike Membrane Domains under Continuous Recycling Matthew S. Turner, Pierre Sens, and Nicholas D. Socci Published 10 October 2005 168301

Probing Protein-Protein Interactions by Dynamic Force Correlation Spectroscopy V. Barsegov and D. Thirumalai Published 10 October 2005 168302


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