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connection between topic areas.  

To stimulate interactive discussion during the term, these papers will be posted on the course website, rather than being turned into me directly.  These papers must be posted by 10:00 PM, the Saturday before each Monday class.  This will allow time for everyone in the class to read your paper, and for you to read theirs.  It is expected that you will have read the other students’ thought papers by class as part of each week’s reading assignment.  I will discuss how to post these in greater detail on the first day of class.

I will grade these papers on a 4 point scale:  exceptional papers will receive a +, most papers will receive a , and those in need of improvement will receive a -.  Papers turned in late or not at all will receive a 0.

Term paper (30%).  A more substantial term paper is due by 5:00 PM, January 12.  Ideally, this paper would be an empirical proposal that begins with a coherent argument on some issue covered in the course and end with a proposal for future research.  You do not have to collect actual data to test your ideas, but doing so will NOT be discouraged as long as it does not violate any ethical guidelines.  If you do not wish to write an empirical proposal, you may instead write a more theoretical review paper in which you present a coherent argument extending, reinterpreting, or resolving contradictions in research we have covered in the course.  These papers should not simply be restatements of material we have already considered but need to be an original contribution to our understanding of judgment and decision making.  Please discuss your term paper idea with me before you begin writing.

There is no explicit limit for these term papers, although much more than 10 double-spaced pages seems excessive (make every word count).

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