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1972 DnA lIgASe, wHICH lInkS DnA frAgmenTS TogeTHer, uSeD for THe fIrST TIme.

fIrST SynTHeTIC reCombInAnT moleCule CreATeD by CombInIng DnA from Two VIruSeS.

1978 reCombInAnT HumAn InSulIn IS fIrST proDuCeD.

1987 geneTICAlly engIneereD HePATITIS B VACCIne ApproVeD for uSe In CAnADA.

1990 worlD’S fIrST HumAn genome proJeCT lAunCHeD.

1973 STAnley CoHen AnD HerberT boyer DeVelop reCombInAnT DnA TeCHnology, ConSIDereD To be THe bIrTH of moDern bIoTeCHnology. THey CompleTe THe fIrST SuCCeSSful geneTIC engIneerIng experImenT by InSerTIng A gene from An AfrICAn ClAweD ToAD InTo bACTerIAl DnA.

1986 unIVerSITy of ToronTo profeSSor JoHn C. polAnyI reCeIVeS THe nobel prIze for THe DeVelopmenT of reACTIon DynAmICS, A new fIelD of reSeArCH In CHemISTry THAT gIVeS A DeTAIleD unDerSTAnDIng of How CHemICAl reACTIonS TAke plACe.

1989 DISCoVery of DefeCTIVe gene for CySTIC fIbroSIS by Dr. lAp-CHee TSuI AT ToronTo’S HoSpITAl for SICk CHIlDren.

1992 CAnADA’S HumAn genome proJeCT AnnounCeD.

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