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NEUROLOGY/CNs Allon Therapeutics Amorfix life Sciences ltd. AngIoCHem InC. bellus Health Inc. BiomS medical Corporation Biovail Pharmaceuticals Inc. Cannasat Therapeutics Inc. Cervelo pharmaceuticals ltd. neuroImage Inc. neuromed Pharmaceuticals painCeptor pharma Corp. Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. Vasogen Inc. Wex Pharmaceuticals Inc. xenon pharmaceuticals Inc.

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ONCOLOGY Abraxis BioScience Inc. Aeterna zentaris Inc. Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc. Arius research Inc. bioniche life Sciences Inc. Celator Pharmaceuticals Inc. Chemaphor Inc. Chemokine Therapeutics Corp. Constab Pharmaceutical Inc. liponex Inc. methylGene Inc. mimetogen Pharmaceuticals oncogenex Technologies Inc. oncolytics biotech Inc. prometic life Sciences Inc. Protox Therapeutics Inc. qlT Inc. receptor Therapeutics Inc. Saponin Inc. Thallion Pharmaceuticals Inc. Virexx medical Corp. ym BioSciences Inc. z-Tech (Canada) Inc.

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1993 CAnADIAn SCIenTIST Dr. mICHAel SmITH wInS THe nobel prIze In CHemISTry for HIS pIoneerIng work on A meTHoD of reprogrAmmIng SegmenTS of DnA.

2000 SuCCeSSful ImmunIzA- TIon (preVenTIon AnD ImmunoTHerApy) of mICe AgAInST AlzHeImer’S by Dr. peTer ST. george-HySlop AT THe unIVerSITy of ToronTo.

REspIRATORY Topigen Pharmaceuticals Inc.

sTEm CELL enGene Inc. Insception BioSciences Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp.

VACCINE INdUsTRY COm ImmunoVaccine Technologies International Centre for

Infectious Diseases medicago Inc. merck frosst Canada ltd. Sanofi pasteur limited Saponin Inc. Solvay Pharma Inc. Vaccine and Infectious

Disease organization Variation Biotechnologies Inc. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

As of may 23, 2008.


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mITTEE Halifax

winnipeg Sainte-Foy kirkland Toronto manotick markham

Saskatoon Gatineau markham


2006 THe fIrST VACCIne AgAInST CerTAIn TypeS of THe HumAn pApIllomAVIruS IS ApproVeD for uSe for gIrlS AnD women In nIne CounTrIeS AnD THe europeAn unIon.

CAlgAry-bASeD SembIoSyS geneTICS InC. proDuCeS CommerCIAl quAnTITIeS of HumAn InSulIn from geneTICAlly moDIfIeD SAfflower plAnTS, poTenTIAlly CHAngIng THe wAy THe worlD meeTS InSulIn DemAnDS AnD InCreASIng ACCeSS To TreATmenT by DIAbeTeS pATIenTS worlDwIDe.

2007 CAnADIAn AnD u.S. reSeArCHerS DeTeCT A new gene (kIAA0350) InVolVeD In Type I DIAbeTeS THAT CoulD Help In eArlIer DeTeCTIon AnD TreATmenT.

1997 THe worlD meeTS Dolly THe SHeep, THe fIrST CloneD mAmmAl.

uneSCo ADopTS THe unIVerSAl DeClArATIon on THe HumAn genome AnD HumAn rIgHTS.

2003 THe HumAn genome proJeCT, An InTernATIonAl 13-yeAr efforT To DeTermIne THe SequenCeS of THe THree bIllIon CHemICAl bASe pAIrS THAT mAke up HumAn DnA, IS CompleTeD.

reSeArCHerS AT CAnADA’S mICHAel SmITH genome SCIenCeS CenTre In brITISH ColumbIA beCome THe fIrST To SequenCe THe SArS genome. THey In Turn mAke IT AVAIlAble on THe InTerneT, THereby HelpIng THe DeVelopmenT of A poTenTIAl TreATmenT AnD poSSIble VACCIne.

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