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      Main Bacteria - Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Streptococcus thermophilus.

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      Culturing Temperature - 97-108° F (36-42° C). I like 105°F.

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      Culturing Time – 4 to 4 ½ hours

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      Taste – mild and sour

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      Main Bacteria – Streptococcus cremoris, and Lactobacillus Lactis

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      Culturing Temperature – 65-90° F (18-32° C). I like 85°F.

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      Culturing Time – 14 to 18 hours

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      Taste – rich and not so sour

The finished product is set rather like Jello, but breaks apart easily. If you shake the quark container, the quark becomes buttermilk. Because it loses body so easily, it blends well with flax oil in the Budwig diet. However, quark becomes more usable in a variety of other recipes I you convert it to cheese.

Figure 4 Quark Being Ladeled for Cheese

You can read more details on a process at http://www.evaporators.co.uk/pages/yoghurt.htm.

How to Make Yogurt or Quark Cheese

You can convert milk into cheese by adding a coagulant that separates the milk solids (cheese) from the liquids (whey). A coagulant is an acid like lemon juice or rennet, a derivative of the stomach lining of goats and cows or of plants like the stinging nettle. In the case of quark and yogurt cheeses, the acid is a byproduct of fermentation caused by the bacteria, so you do not need to add any other coagulant.

Figure 5 Ladels of Quark Go into Fine-Mesh Nylon Bag

Figure 6 Quark Drips Whey into Pan for 4-8 Hours to make Quark Cheese

By reducing the amount of water in yogurt or quark, you can make into a soft, curded cheese similar to a cross between cottage cheese and cream cheese, but softer and easier to spread.. You can make such a cheese by dumping a quart of yogurt into a fine-mesh nylon bag and letting it drip above a bowl for a day. The fluid that drips out is whey, and you’ll get a cup or more from a quart of yogurt. Whey is nutritious. You can and should drink it.

I far prefer quark cheese to yogurt cheese because of flavor. The yogurt cheese is noticeably sour, to the point of being distracting. The quark cheese is not so tangy, and also has a richer taste.

Making Quark Isn’t Rocket Science

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