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Flexible Solutions, Inc. – GP Reports Viewer


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    Check the box next to each company where you want to use GP Reports Viewer or click Mark All. (Mark All will give you the option to re-create the database components for all companies or only those that do not yet have GP Reports Viewer components installed.)

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    Click the Install button.

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    Click Yes on the confirmation dialog asking if you would like to install to the selected companies.

Once the installation is completed you will see a message indicating that GP Reports Viewer server components have been installed.


Once the database component installation of GP Reports Viewer is complete, you can install GP Reports Viewer on client workstations. We recommend performing the installation of GP Reports Viewer as the local administrator (built-in account for administering the computer/domain). This will ensure that you have the proper permissions to install and register all files and registry keys that are required for GP Reports Viewer. We also recommend running Dynamics GP and printing a report using GP Reports Viewer while still logged in as the local built-in administrator the first time after installation.

To install GP Reports Viewer on workstations:

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    Ensure that you have the GP Reports Viewer installation file that matches your version of Dynamics GP. You must run the appropriate version of GP Reports Viewer for the version of Dynamics GP you are using.

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    Run the gprvXXbYY.exe file to begin the installation. (XX is the GP version and YY the build number.)

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    Follow the steps on the installation wizard. Please note: GP Reports Viewer must be installed to the Dynamics GP directory.

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    Launch Dynamics GP and log in as any user. You will receive the message prompt “New code must be included in the Dynamics.set dictionary. Do you wish to include new code now?” Click Yes.


If you are not logged into Windows as the local built-in administrator, you may need to right click on the GP shortcut and choose Run as administrator for the new code to be added correctly to the GP installation.

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