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Upgrading to a new build or new version of GP Reports Viewer includes running the installation file for the new version on each computer where GP Reports Viewer is installed and performing a onetime upgrade of the database components.

All data stored in GP Reports Viewer tables will be preserved during an upgrade, however, backing up all Dynamics GP databases is recommended as a precaution prior to any upgrades. It is also recommended to perform all installations while logged in as the local administrator (built-in account for administering the computer/domain) on each computer.

To install a new build or upgrade versions of GP Reports Viewer:

  • 1.

    Run the gprvXXbYY.exe file (XX is the GP version and YY the build number). It is important to make sure that the GP version of the installation file corresponds to your version of GP.

  • 2.

    Follow the instructions on the screen. If you have more than one installation of Dynamics GP on this computer, please make sure that you select the path to the correct instance of GP.

  • 3.

    Launch Dynamics GP.

  • 4.

    You will receive the following message: “New code must be included in the Dynamics.set dictionary. Do you wish to include new code now?” Click Yes.

  • 5.

    Upgrading the database objects only needs to be done once, typically on the first computer where you have installed the new build of version of GP Reports Viewer. To do this:

    • a.

      Log into Dynamics GP as ‘sa’. The company you log into does not matter.

    • b.

      Upon login you will see the Welcome to GP Reports Viewer window with a warning on the bottom that the server and client versions do not match. Click the Upgrade button to open the GP Reports Viewer Installation window.

    • c.

      Choose the companies you want to upgrade to the new build (or choose Mark All). You will get a message saying, “Some companies are already installed; do you want to install to All Companies or only those not already installed?” – choose All Companies.

    • d.

      Click Install, then click Yes on the “Install GP Reports Viewer to the selected Companies?” message.

    • e.

      You will see an Installation Progress bar and a message saying, “GP Reports Viewer has successfully installed to the selected companies.” when the installation is finished.

    • f.

      If you’d like to verify the installation, you can go to Tools >> GP Reports Viewer >>About. The server and client versions on the bottom of the Welcome to GP Reports Viewer window should now match.


You can upgrade directly from any build of GP Reports Viewer to any newer build, you do not need to upgrade incrementally. If you are performing a Dynamics GP upgrade in multiple steps, you can wait until you get to the final desired Dynamics GP version and build before upgrading GP Reports Viewer.

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