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To setup a Report Server connection:

  • 1.

    Ensure that you have a working SQL Server Reporting Services installation and that you can navigate to the Report Server URL in a web browser. This URL is generally specified as http://ServerName/ReportServer where ServerName refers to the machine name where SSRS is installed and ReportServer refers to the Report Server Virtual Directory.

  • 2.

    Open the GP Reports Viewer Setup Options window.

GP >>Tools >> GP Reports Viewer >> Setup Options

  • 3.

    Enter the Report Server Web Service URL, replacing "ServerName" and "ReportServer" with the path information from your SSRS installation. For SSRS 2008 R2 and later this should be entered as: http://ServerName/ReportServer/ReportService2010.asmx For earlier versions of SQL Server, it should be entered as: http://ServerName/ReportServer/ReportService2005.asmx

  • 4.

    Click the Test Connection button. Please note that this test may take a few minutes. You should get the following message back:


If you receive an error message after clicking the Test Connection button please review the contents of the error message being returned by SSRS as this should help to narrow down the issue. One of the most common causes of errors is that the Reporting Services Windows Service has not been started or the Windows user does not have proper permissions. We recommend navigating to the Report Server Web Service URL in a web browser first to ensure that works, then copying/ pasting the working URL into the GP Reports Viewer Setup Options screen and adding the ‘/ReportService2010.asmx‘ at the end.


There is also a checkbox in this section, unchecked by default, labeled Warn if report does not contain standard Server/DB parameters. By default, each SSRS report will run against whatever server and database the report was set up to run against in the SSRS Report Manager. This means that typically you would set up the same report multiple times in order to run it against different GP companies.

However, with GP Reports Viewer, you can add parameters to your report for the server and database name so that the server and company the user is currently logged into in GP will be

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