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Flexible Solutions, Inc. – GP Reports Viewer



To set up a new report:

  • 1.

    Navigate to GP >> Tools >> GP Reports Viewer >> Reports.

  • 2.

    The Report Number will automatically use the next available number.

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    The Inactive checkbox is unchecked by default, meaning that the report is available to users. To disable a report temporarily, check the Inactive box and Save the report. An inactive report will not appear on the GP Reports Viewer window and cannot be accessed by any Report Shortcuts that have been defined for it. To re-activate the report uncheck the Inactive box and Save the report.


To permanently remove a report from the GP Reports Viewer module, click the Delete button. NOTE: If you delete a report from GP Reports Viewer the actual report will NOT be deleted, just the reference to it within GP Reports Viewer is deleted.


Select a Report Type that corresponds to the type of report you are setting up: Crystal Report, SQL Server Reporting Services or Excel Report.

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    Select a Path to the report:

    • a.

      For Excel and Crystal Reports:

Enter or select the report path to the physical report file. Reports can be located anywhere on your network. Please ensure that users have access to this network location, otherwise they will receive an error message when running the report. Click on the folder button to open the file browser and navigate to the report location.


We recommend that you always use a UNC (Universal Naming Convention) path when setting up the path to Crystal or Excel Reports to ensure that all Dynamics GP users will have access to the reports, regardless of where they are running the report from. When you set up a report that is on the same computer where you are working, the path may default in as a local path, you can simply type over that so that it has the UNC path instead.

    • b.

      For SQL Server Reporting Services reports: It is recommended that you use the folder lookup button and choose a report from the popup window as this will put in the path with the correct folder/report naming structure as it is set up in your SSRS Report Manager. If you choose to enter the path manually it must follow the structure /Report Folder/Report Sub- Folder/Report Name.

  • 6.

    Enter a Report Display Name. This is the name that users will see on the GP Reports Viewer window and on any Report Shortcuts that you create. This will also be the default name that will be used for the PDF file created if you are emailing the report from the GP Reports Viewer window and have not specified an alternate file name under Destination Defaults (please refer the Default Report Destinations section for more details).

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