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Flexible Solutions, Inc. – GP Reports Viewer

Report Option

Default Value


Allow users to create Report Viewer Favorites


When this option is selected the report is allowed to have favorites created in the GP Report Viewer window. To disallow favorites, uncheck this option. Please refer to Using Favorites for more information.

Copy and run report locally instead of running from the server


When this option is checked a copy of the report will be stored locally on the client machine in the user’s application data folder and that local copy will be used to run the report on each client machine. Each time the report is run the system will check if a newer version of the report is available on the server and, if so, update the local copy.

[available for Excel and Crystal Reports]


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    Enter or select a Report Group. Report Groups are used for organizing reports together for usability and to simplify security settings. Please refer to Report Group Maintenance for more information.

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    The following table describes the available Report Options checkboxes:

This setting allows for changes to be made to the report on the server while users are in the system printing reports. It is recommended that you do not change this setting, but the option is provided for installations that may require this configuration.

Use DYNAMICS database instead of the current Company database

If the Report Type is set to SQL Server Reporting Services, by default the server and database saved with the report in the SSRS Report Manager will be used as the source of the report data. To have the report run against the current GP company database you will need to ensure that your report has been set up to allow GP Reports Viewer to pass in a server and database name. Please refer to the section on

If the Report Type is set to Crystal Report or Excel Report, by default the current GP company database will be used as the source of the report data, allowing the same report to run against any GP company and return the data for that company.


Checking this box means that the DYNAMICS (system) database will be the one passed into the report instead of the current GP company database. This is useful if the report is based on SQL Server objects in the DYNAMICS database.

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