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Flexible Solutions, Inc. – GP Reports Viewer


By default when a new report is set up on the GP Reports Viewer - Report Maintenance window only the currently logged in user and the ‘sa’ user will automatically be granted access to the report.

Security Window Navigation

Navigation Option


Expand a Node

Expand any node by clicking on the


View Security Assignments

Selecting the name of an object on the left side will show you who has access to it in the window on the right.

Selecting the name of a user or class on the right side will show you what permissions have been set in the window on the left.

Checkbox Status

A white, unmarked checkbox indicates that no permission is granted.

A white, marked checkbox indicates that permission has been granted. In the case of a tree node with items under it, this indicates that permissions have been granted for ALL items under this node.

A gray, marked checkbox will only occur at a tree node with items under it and indicates that permissions have been granted for SOME items under this node.

Assigning Security

Selecting an item anywhere on the Security Maintenance window will determine what object you will be assigning security to and at what level. Clicking an item to highlight it will show what permissions have already been assigned to the object. You can mark or unmark checkboxes next to an item on either the left or right side, at any level. Example: to assign security to All Users for a report called Checkbook Register, click the expand node buttons to navigate down to the Checkbook Register report on the left, click on the name of the report to select it. In the tree on the right place a check mark next to the All Users node. Marking a checkbox grants access, unmarking a checkbox denies access. Note that Security Classes are only used to initially assign security to reports. Moving a user from one Security Class to another will not change their report permissions, as the permissions are assigned to the actual user, not the class.

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