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GP Reports Viewer can be used to print and mass email customer statements from GP Reports Viewer. This chapter contains the following sections:

  • Sample Report

  • Setting Up Customer Statement Replacement

  • Modifying a Report for Use with Customer Statement Replacement

  • Printing Customer Statements


GP Reports Viewer includes a sample statement report that you can use as a starting point for creating your own Customer Statement report, or as an example to see how it should be set up. Notes about the sample statement report:

  • During GP Reports Viewer installation two files will be added inside the Dynamics GP installation directory in a folder called GP Reports Viewer Sample Reports. These will be called Customer Statement Sample.rpt (for Crystal Reports) and Customer Statement Sample.rdl (SSRS).

  • Both of the sample reports are based on the same SQL stored procedure called GPRVStatementReport.

  • The Crystal report was created in Crystal 2011 and will open in Crystal Reports version 9 or later.

  • The SSRS report was created in Visual Studio 2005 and has been tested with SSRS 2005, SSRS 2008, SSRS 2008 R2, SSRS 2012 and SSRS 2014. This report includes parameters for server and database name replacement so that only one version of the reports will be needed no matter how many Dynamics GP companies you have. More information on this feature is in the section on Modifying a SQL Reporting Services Report for Server and Database Replacement.


You do not need to use the sample report in order to take advantage of this feature. To use your own report you will need to make a few modifications to it first. Please refer to the section on Modifying a Report for Use with Customer Statements for further instructions. If you do choose to use the sample report, you will need to set it up on the Report Maintenance window and grant access to it using GP Reports Viewer Security Maintenance.

The sample report is intended to provide an example of how to create or modify existing Crystal and SSRS reports for use with the Customer Statement functionality in GP Reports Viewer. Although this report may be used as-is, it may not include all the same features and functionality that are present in the Dynamics GP Report Writer Statement report.

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