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14. You will now see your data in a table, at this point you can add a logo, report name and, most importantly, a cell for each parameter in your stored procedure:

  • 15.

    Once you have a cell for each parameter and a value entered in each, click on one of the cells in the table of data and choose Properties on the Data tab.

  • 16.

    On the External Data Properties window you can adjust data formatting and layout options if you want, then click on the Connection Properties icon at the upper right corner:

  • 17.

    On the Definition tab click the Parameters button at the bottom to open the Parameters window.

  • 18.

    For each of your parameters, select Get the Value from the following cell and choose the cell where you want the parameter to be taken from. Your will want to also select Refresh automatically when cell value changes for most of your parameters. Once in a while you may have a report where you want to leave this unchecked for some of the parameters. For example if you have From Date and To Date parameters, you may decide to not refresh if the From Date is changed, and only refresh when the To Date is changed. This will vary with your reports, as well as how your users will use them. The only danger to selecting the select Refresh automatically when cell value changes for all of your parameters is that if it takes 20 seconds to refresh the report and you have 5 parameters, your users will be waiting longer than they need to when they are changing parameters.

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