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Email is generated using GP Reports Viewer, but the attachment is the default Dynamics GP HTML report, not your Crystal or SSRS report

This is typically caused by one of two issues:

  • 1.

    Not having the required parameters or the right record selection formula in the Crystal or SSRS report. Please refer to the sections on Modifying a Report for Use with Sales Order Processing and Modifying a Report for Use with Purchase Order Processing for details on how to set up parameters to work with GP Reports Viewer. Note that if you had versions of GP Reports Viewer prior to build 56 installed and reports set up for them, you will need to add additional parameters to your reports for the changed made in build 56.

  • 2.

    Not having completed the setup for emailing. Please refer to the section for Setting Up SOP and POP Email Replacement for additional details.

Execute permission denied error when opening a GP Reports Viewer window or clicking on a field

In some cases we have seen permissions not granted correctly during the initial installation. Usually the error will be similar to the following: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]EXECUTE permission denied on object ‘zDP_GPRV00104SS_1’, database ‘TWO’, schema ‘dbo’.

If you receive an error similar to this, run the Dynamics GP SQL Grant script on the DYNAMICS database and all company databases where you have GP Reports Viewer installed. The Grant script can be found on a GP installation in the SQL/Util folder. It can also be downloaded from Microsoft: https://mbs.microsoft.com/fileexchange/?fileID=f7c10cf9-3a8a-4e9a-b0c7-e04adf37672e.


The issues we have seen when using Crystal reports with GP Reports Viewer fall into 2 categories: SQL Server permissions and Crystal report setup.

SQL Server Permissions

If you are getting an error when printing a report as a regular GP user, test printing the same report when logged into GP as ‘sa’. If ‘sa’ can print the report successfully, then confirm that the original GP user has access to the proper SQL Server components and/or make sure you have set up the Crystal Reports SQL Server Login described in the Setup Options section.

Crystal Reports setup – errors when printing report

If the Crystal Reports Preview window opens, but instead of the report, there is an error, check the list of possible causes below:

  • Is the report set up with an ODBC connection? If not, in certain cases, you will receive a ‘Failed to

open the connection’ error. Change the report to use an ODBC connection.

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