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older children and youth. Do you prefer traditional music and have kids? Great! Before they reach the age where being with their friends is more important than spiritual things, commit to getting them involved in SN@K - maybe they will want to invite their friends


ESVDeuteronomy 11:18 “You shall therefore lay up these words of mine in your

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when you are sitting in your house, and when you are walking by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.”

  • A trial run – new music, second service – The fact of the matter is that SN@K is a trial run. The Session has committed to this worship service for six months. Why? This will allow us to see how the new worship service will help us address the growth issues we are now experiencing at Westkirk. Not only will we discover how a new music style of worship is received, but we also hope to see the impact of a second service – without making the investment in permanently changing the Sunday morning schedule. Going from one to two morning services is the toughest transition any church makes. We believe this change is inevitable here at Westkirk. However, with additional seating in the balcony and additional parking as part of our building expansion plan, we believe we can delay this decision longer. SN@K will help us determine what our worship schedule will look like in the future.

“Sunday Night at the Kirk” is NOT:

  • A concert – As addressed above, the Session is committed to SN@K being first and foremost a Godly worship service. It will include all the elements of a worship service: congregational singing, the reading of Scripture, a profession of our faith, a sermon, an offering, and the administration of the sacraments. Our beautiful, traditional sanctuary is not conducive to loud music. There will be no large brass section. The musicians will be largely playing acoustic instruments and the service will include many of the traditional elements of worship that we love here at Westkirk.

  • A conspiracy – SN@K is not the beginning of the end of traditional music at Westkirk Presbyterian Church. We will NOT abandon traditional music. We will not relegate our classical service to a low priority. We will not let the current Sunday morning worship service die on the vine. Why would we? Westkirk has a growing reputation as being one of the only conservative, evangelical, Bible- teaching churches in the metropolitan Des Moines area that still has a traditional music worship service! We have our own niche! That is the main reason we want SN@K to complement our weekly Sunday morning service! But we also know that it’s not all about the music style. Do we assume that the young families here at Westkirk will stop attending the morning service in order to attend the evening service? No way! We figure they came here because they liked it the way it is!

  • A replay of past hurts and conflicts – The Session has made Pastor Michael aware that Westkirk had an evening service at one point in the recent past. And that service facilitated the rise of conflict in the church. With an assistant pastor on the horizon, what will be different this time? Well, Pastor Michael will be the preacher at this worship service, as well as the weekly Sunday morning service. Should we ever get to the point that SN@K become a weekly worship service, he has said he will likely preach the same sermon at both services. Whenever a church makes the transition from one to two services, even if they are back-to-back and identical, research data shows that they each take on a ‘personality’of their own. We understand that. But we also do not intend to repeat history. We’ve learned from the past. The Elders and the pastor are committed to being present and active in both services.

. . . Pastor Michael

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