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The Mission Commission served food at the Freedom for Youth facil- ity at 2301 Hickman on October 9. We witnessed God’s love in action as we saw several young people being cared for both physically and spiritually. Mark Nelson (Executive Director) gave us a tour of the new property and the work that he and some volunteers have started. He has a vision for the area there and has already begun making it happen. God has blessed that work and while we were amazed by the goals, we were also amazed by the response of God’s people in seeing that it will take place. If you are in the area on November 5, there will be an Open House. Check it out.

40 Days of Community is going strong and we are pleased with the response from various Host Groups helping out with the ministry projects. Thanks to all of you.

Reports from the field

Jessica Duff Wycliffe Translators ( SEED PROJECT) Jessica has been traveling around the country gaining support from individuals and churches. She appreciates your prayers and encouragement . She attends various workshops in Florida at the headquarters to update her on the latest software in translation technology. She will be attending a conference on Jungle aviation and radio service and visiting Nigeria in the early part of next year. So she is in the learning and training mode as well as trying to drum up support in between. Pray for Jessica and her needs at this time. Jonathan and Becky Schuster Greater Europe Mission (Ireland)

We received an e-mail from Jonathan that they need our prayers for God’s guidance and peace during this period of time. They are trying to get clearance to obtain a mortgage on the property they would like to purchase. The landlord of their previous house said that he was selling it and the new owners were not going to rent it out; therefore they would have to move. The housing market in that area is very limited and God had provided a house to purchase but the government will not allow them to obtain a mortgage. Pray for them and the ministry in Ireland. Gary De Graaf Greater Europe Mission (France)

Gary met with the Commission and provided an update on his progress of raising support. He continues to gain the necessary monies and is looking forward, with God’s help, to be in France in December of this year. He reported that France is starting to see growth of evangelistic churches in various areas. They have 99 counties just like Iowa has 99 counties, but the number of evangelical churches in each county is much less than what we have in one town. Gary said that the small church in Tours is growing and may even start another church in another town nearby. Pray for France and Gary as he assists God’s work there. Dave and Karen Eggert Campus Crusade for Christ (ISU Campus)

Dave Eggert has been actively involved in attending several conferences held throughout the country. He has been in Detroit and Kansas City and will be heading to Houston following up on work at various college campuses with the International student ministries. His specific work among the Muslims comes at a very crucial time as he seeks to build bridges among those who claim to be Muslim but are questioning their faith in that area. Pray for Dave that God will provide direction and insight in this area. Heather Murken Navigators (Northern Iowa University)

Heather is already involved with various activities at the campus and is looking forward to the October Event conference which will be happening soon. They are expecting 1200-1500 students on campus to be involved with this conference. An outside speaker will be coming from Illinois to challenge the students to a commitment to Christ. Pray for this ministry and the work that Heather and the other staff members at UNI are involved with throughout the year

. The Missions Commission appreciates your support. If you have any questions, please ask any one of the Commis- sion members: Rus & Julie Norem, Ryan Glanzer, Marv & Fran Nugteren, Jerry & Diane Skinner, Alvin & Lois Lundgren Stecker, Sherie Whitehead, and George & Gail De Graaf.

. . . George De Graaf, Mission Commission Chair

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