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Bruce Menzel or Diana Jergens.


NC 505- Prion Multistate program – Jon attended meeting in Ames.  Bill gave update form conversation with Jon- research mostly focusing on prion biology and laboratory work.


Reporting requirements?  30 days to get final report in after this meeting. Send to Scott W.  Report requested by Kevin last fall to highlight progress of committee – did not go out.  No follow up by Kevin.   Rique will check on our review request for an impact assessment.  

Measurable impacts:  What we perceive the potential impacts of our work on management and policy changes- harvest strategies, CWD mgt policies, What constituents were affected?  Tangible outcomes?  Impacts on other researchers? Impacts on extension. See UW impacts statement site.



IOWA: (Bill)- No field work going on.  Disease surveillance for CWD and TB- statistical sampling.  Funded by NWHL- looking for times to detection.  Products include papers Sarah Musser and Dave Otis – target journal WSB.  MS thesis completed.   Bill’s involvement unknown- phase I completed.  Might move in direction of modeling general disease surveillance, statistical approach to be taken.

Sue Fairbanks:  Wanted to pursue human dimensions and public attitude survey. Nothing transpired in IA – goal to get comparative study on stakeholder attitudes.  DNR did not fund this effort.

New students needed?  None on deer.  Possibly a stats student to continue surveillance work.

MICHIGAN: (Shawn)  Core HD person completing in spring 2006.  Data analyzed and thesis in progress by Stacy Lischka.  Perspectives on deer hunting- DTW Metro area- agro forest land, state and privately owned.  Ex-urbanites new land owners and their perspectives on deer hunting, presence, deer-vehicle collisions.  Mgt tension due to land owners who want deer but fear them as well.   MS thesis on information modeling – explaining landscape patterns of deer relative to land use and road density.  Alex Marcoue- deer vehicle collision study and education focus.  Finding that night time is post vulnerable time- white males ages 40-60 most likely to have accidents.  Women, 30-40, next highest vulnerability class.

Brent Rudolph starting PhD at MSU – partial controllability of deer to achieve mgt objectives on fragmented landscapes.  Starting study to assess land owners perspectives on wildlife management (this came out of Stacy’s project).  This will lead to new educational objectives to inform public of wildlife management objectives.  

NPS mgt of diseases in National Parks- new project to oversee mgt of CW.

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