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Jordan Pusateri- starting on outreach from Stacy’s work and will update their web site.

New students needed:  one position open for grad student PhD./MS

Manuscript progress:  Update on work with Jodi- will be adopting Stacy’s methodology to replicate her survey in King Ferry area in NY.  Conceptual paper in works- submitted to WSB (see references).

NEBRASKA: (Kurt) Data collection on deer mmts continues – white-tailed deer at DeSoto.  Past several years expanded to buck work in addition to doe work.   One home range paper in submission.  One grad student will take on mortality data to hand off to group.  Movements data to be analyzed this year..

Scott:  Buck study started last January and scrape study on DeSoto.  Travis Kinsell and Kurt- stump cams.  NGPC conducting Brown and Decker type survey- they might be able to integrate Shawn and Jody’s methodology.  This will likely occur this year or next.  

A 6th grad student on habitat analysis and risk assessment.  Will bring together all study sites- combine with range data of cattle. Dave Bosch.

New students needed:   no new students needed at this time.

Scott found a local shoe repair to attach expanders to ATS collars.  Elastic material superior to ATS and stitching is parallel to collar – less pre-mature break away.

MICHIGAN:  (Rique)  Tim Hiller PhD starting last year of data collection.  54 deer on air now – winter trapping (does) and fawn capture during summer.  This year will continue to work in same 2 counties – will expand fawn capture work.  Fifteen new collars to go out during winter.  A presentation was made at the Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference on methods of data analysis.  Tim will finish field work this fall and begin analyzing.  Jordan Pusateri will have her deer survival paper out in JWM in May issue.  MMTS – not big movements for deer.  Low dispersal and low exploratory movements.  Higher mortality in this study area- harvest mortality on state land. Higher number of canid kills of fawns than in southwest.  Study area is Jackson, Washtenaw and Livingston counties.

New ATS GPS collars – planned to put on adults – only one worked (out of two in 2005).  Five were put on elk. Only got data back on 4/7 collars.    ATS not willing to redesign and blamed Rique’s group for problems.  Set screw pierced antenna and shorted it out.  Release mechanism worked well for ATS collars.  Lo-tech did not come off easily.  Elk collars did not work in “holes” due to antenna exposure and ends broke off.  Need 2 sizes for elk.  Collar costs $2700 per collar.

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