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reputation as a leading service provider to disadvantaged and at-risk youth.


Improved community networks: In developing the referral opportunities between ASK! and other community service providers, we have strengthened our links with those community service providers, and have increased the efficiency of the network in general.

Improved Fundraising: Mallesons’ involvement in our corporate community initiatives such as the Corporate Challenge for Youth has been a significant boost to the success of these events. Furthermore, we are a beneficiary of Mallesons’ workplace giving program.

Increased profile and community engagement: The partnership has enabled Mallesons to demonstrate its commitment to pro bono legal service, and drive to engage with the community in supporting young people.

Relationships: Mallesons’ involvement in TNF’s corporate fundraising activities helps the firm strengthen its business relationships with other corporate supporters. Events such as the Corporate Challenge for Youth offer Mallesons a chance to engage with clients in an informal and community-spirited atmosphere.

What contributions does your organization make to the partnership? (e.g. in-kind support, volunteers, membership on Boards etc)

Counseling expertise - TNF support and

Legal expertise - Solicitors from Mallesons

complement Mallesons’ legal advice at ASK!. A

provide the legal expertise that is the essence of

TNF Adolescent Family Counselor is available a all ASK! sessions to provide advice and counseling to the young people.

Youth services expertise - where appropriate, TNF counselors accompany young people to their ASK! appointment. This provides an important ‘bridge’ between our support / welfare services and the legal advice provided at ASK!

Training - TNF provides extensive training to Mallesons staff involved with ASK!. This training prepares Mallesons staff for their interaction with young people and increases awareness of youth issues.

Administrative support and referral service - TNF provide administrative support for appointments made with ASK! Further, TNF provides the Randwick venue for ASK!.


ASK!. This work is supervised by former Children’s Court Magistrate Helen Larcombe. Mallesons also has a dedicated relationship partner - Jamie Prell - to help manage the relationship and projects. Through the legal expertise that Mallesons has provided, 68 young people received legal advice in 2003. 60% of the matters that these young people brought to ASK! were ones which Mallesons staff were well equipped to handle. The remainder were referred to other experts.

Financial assistance - Mallesons’ partners and staff, through the Workplace Giving Program, donate monthly to TNF. Staff donations are matched by the firm. Mallesons staff also recently participated in the TNF Corporate Challenge for Youth, a corporate touch football challenge, with the participating staff personally raising the money to meet the $5,000 entry fee.

Management - the General Manager of TNF is a

Administrative support - Mallesons’

member of the ASK! Management Committee. This reflects the mutual sharing of expertise and the philosophy of equal commitment underlying

administrative staff provide services to ASK!, also part of their role is to ensure that knowledge gained through the ASK! program is adequately

the partnership.

captured for the benefit of both TNF and Mallesons.

Management expertise - Reflective of the mutual commitment, one of Mallesons’ partners

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    Jamie Prell - is now a board member of TNF.

Management Committee - Eight lawyers and

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