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Housing at Uttara Model Town in Dhaka City

have to face this varied set of actors. Some of the actors play direct

role in Uttara model Township projects while others have more passive role. The actors are narrated in the sequence from National level, Finance and to local level actors.

National Economic Council (NEC) It is for policy and programme and overall decisions.

Planning Commission It is responsible for policy and programme review. The Main Institutions and their Respective Responsibilities in the

Public Housing and Funding. The Ministry of Housing and Public Works The following Departments/ Directorates under it are involved in the

public housing provision.

  • The Department of Architecture is the lone government architectural organization and responsible for designing all government buildings and public housing schemes across the country.

  • The Public Works Department (PWD) is concerned with the construction and maintenance of govt. offices/ institutional building and public housing for the govt servants.

Previously this body also carried out design and drawings. Presently with the formation of the Department of Architecture its role is limited to construction.

  • Housing and settlement Directorate (HSD) is vested with the responsibility of building houses for general public especially for low and lower middle income housing in the country. HSD has been involved in the provision of serviced plots, core houses, semi-pucca houses, flats, and slum upgrading schemes.

  • The City Development Authority, RAJUK is responsible for physical plan preparation, land acquisition, land development distribution of plots, regulation and control on private development and building permission as well as slum clearance and rehabilitation.

  • The Urban Development Directorate (UDD) limits its role only to the urban and regional planning policy and plan preparation.

The Ministry of Finance It is responsible for funding the public housing. Therefore it supplies inance for house building activities.

House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC) It gives mortgage lending for housing construction to the people. It was the sole body providing finance to construct houses in the 70s. In the early 80s some private sector banks provided loans for high income generating schemes. The commercial banks of the country also make some housing finance but the government patronized Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation still remains the single largest institution for housing inance.

Presently Delta brac housing and some NGOs are also providing housing loans for different income group.


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