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Housing at Uttara Model Town in Dhaka City

There are different agencies that are responsible for regulation and control over the design and construction of housing its location, necessary infrastructure, services and social facilities essential for housing areas. Water Supply and Sewerage Authority is responsible for water, sewerage and drainage. Titas Gas is responsible for gas supply. Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) is for maintenance of urban services, slum improvement implementation.

Housing and Building Research Institute (HBRI) is responsible for research and development on building and materials. But their research related to low cost construction failed to influence the housing activities due to lack of publicity. There were hardly any demonstration projects, which showed the application of techniques developed by HBRI.

Building Contractors From private sector working for developers to construct houses. They generally use mechanical means to construct.

The other actors from informal sector are the small constructors. They in turn sustain the laborer from the informal sector. Their construction process is labor intensive. In Dhaka as well as in Bangladesh 75% of the constructions done is labor intensive.

The Professionals The technical persons involved in any building projects are mainly the architects and the civil engineers. In order to produce a full-fledged construction document the architects have to coordinate with the civil engineer, quantity surveyors, mechanical engineer, plumbing engineer and electrical engineer. In some cases the owners only require a detailed architectural and structural drawing. The architect’s role may also extend to supervision during the implementation stage.

Individual Plot Owners They are the beneficiaries who own the plots and subsequently the houses that are constructed on the plots. A plot owner has to employ an architect to prepare the drawings, which is to be approved by RAJUK. Then with the approved plan the owner can apply for housing finance. The infrastructure facilities are normally provided up to the developed plots from there the permission for connections for gas, water and sewage facilities are required.


The actors involved in housing sector all work independently without any coordination or information sharing between bodies. As a result it is the individual house owners who suffer mostly. Most of the bodies have been created in the pre-independence period.

Again there is a overlapping of activities of many agencies like HSD, UDD or the RAJUK. They all look after housing sector but from different perspectives. Some of the site and service schemes for low income in Muhammedpur, Mirpur area of Dhaka city have been implemented HSD. But due to lack of evaluation of its effectiveness these projects have not been replicated. Again the low-income


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