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Added M_C2M UDFB and M_C2M_EX. Refer to the brief description of each standalone MMC example in the CONTENTS OF THE APPLICATIONS CD section of this document.

Added E_TCPRD ASFB: This function block is used to read data from a TCP connection via the Ethernet module. Since TCP is based on data streaming, not all of the data to be read may be available at any one time. The function block provides a convenient method of reading the stream data until the requested number of bytes are read.

Added M_SACC ASFB: This function block is used to calculate the ACC and JERK values to be used with the ACC_JERK function. Note: This function block is not intended to be used directly with the SCURVE or M_SCRVLC because the units for those functions are different (ACC is counts/min/min).

Added SRV1_EX and SRV3_EX Servo Setup Files: Created two new servo setup files for the example ladders.


If you are upgrading from the Applications CD version 12.0.x (1 or 2), you should do the following:


If you have your files for the PiC/MMC applications located in a subdirectory under the Applications V12.0.x directory, you should move that subdirectory tree to under the new Applications V13.0.1 directory.


If you have your application files organized using the PiCPro V12.0 project manager, change the PiCPro library path from the V12.0.x to the V13.0.1.


This distribution includes the OPC_ENET.LIB and the OPINTER.LIB and their ladder and help files. The OPC Server CD Version 2.0 and before, also includes these files (version 3.0 and later do not contain those files). If you have installed both software packages and PiCPro for Windows has been configured to use the libraries provided for both packages, PiCPro will notify you of the duplicate libraries any time it reads all the libraries in the configured directory paths (such as when PiCPro is started, each time a project is loaded, any time the PiCPro library path is changed, etc.).

In this situation, it is recommended that the directory path to the libraries provided by the OPC Server installation be removed from the PiCPro library list (both in the default list for PiCPro and the library list defined in each project). The OPC Server's copies of these files must be considered obsolete.

To resolve the duplication, run PiCPro from Windows and select the File | PiCPro Libraries... menu to remove the unnecessary reference to the OPC Server ASFB directory. For each project that uses the OPC Server ASFBs, select the PiCPro Library Paths for the project and select Modify from its right-click menu. Within the subsequent dialog, remove the OPC Server ASFB directory.


This release contains the Motion ASFBs, General ASFBs, Ethernet ASFBs and Example Applications for the standalone MMC and the MMC for PC.

The following version 13.0.1 manuals can be found in the folder Manuals on your CD: Motion ASFB Manual, General Purpose ASFB Manual and Ethernet ASFB Manual. They are PDF files and can be opened, read, and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe at http://www.adobe.com/supportservice/custsupport/download.html. Note: You MUST use Acrobat Reader 4.0 or newer to view these manuals.

If you would like to order a hard copy of any manual, call PiC Sales at 1 800 558 4808 from within the US or 920 921 7100 from outside the US and Canada.

Part Numbers for the hard copies are:

M.1301.0409 Motion ASFB Manual V13.0.1

M.1301.0407 General Purpose ASFB Manual V13.0.1

M.1301.0436 Ethernet ASFB Manual V13.0.1

Section 4 of the MMC tutorial covers the applications examples.

The PiCPro for Windows Applications 13.0.1 can be used with either PiCPro for Windows V13.0 (or higher) Professional or Standalone MMC Editions. The Examples folder has example projects for each edition of PiCPro.

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