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The manuals can be found in the Folder "cd:\Bin\Manuals" and "cd:\Bin\Manuals\Drivers" on your CD.  The name of the of the Cimrex Prog manual is CIMREX_E.pdf and the G&L Driver manual is GiddingsLewis_PiC_mmc.pdf. They are PDF files and can be opened, read, and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. It can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe at http://www.adobe.com/supportservice/custsupport/download.html.  

There is also an Application Note called MMC/Cimrex Quick Start.Doc on the CD.  This is a MSWord document which guides you through getting an application up and running.

The pin outs for the Cimrex to MMC/PiC cables are hard to read unless you zoom in, this will be corrected in the next release.  The pin outs are as follows:

CimrexPiC 10 Pin or

9 Pin MaleMMC 15 Pin Female


   2 ------------------  9

   3 ------------------ 10

   5 ------------------  8


The cd:\bin\MMC1Demo folder contains example applications for a Cimrex 30, 71 and 91, and the One Axis MMC Demo.  There are also standalone versions of these that can be used for demo's, they do not require an MMC to be hooked up to the Cimrex OI.  The examples are saved as G&L Project files.  

Open up PiCPro for Windows 13.0 SP3 or higher. Go to File-Open and browse for the .G&L file(s)

MMC1_OI  this project contains the serial driver and demo driver examples

MMC1_ETP.G&L  this contains the Ethernet examples

Select the project you want to open, the project will be uncompressed to a the following folder:  c:\Program Files\Giddings & Lewis\MMC1Demo

The PiCPro for Windows Applications CD also contains application example ladders and libraries you may find helpful in getting started. Read the readme file on that CD for instructions on using the examples.

MMC-Cimrex Quick Start.doc


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