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Council for Unions and Student Programs April 23rd, 2009 Spokane Community College

Kayeri Akweks (SBCTC); Jonathan Brown (HCC); Michelle Butler (EdCC); Dani Chang (GRCC); Toni S. Hartsfield (OC); Kim Jackson (Big Bend); Faisal Jaswal (Bellevue College); Mari Kruger (Pierce College Puyallup); Alison Heather F. McKenzie (SFCC); Josh Turpen (Whatcom); Ninmann (SCC); Kelly Robbins (YVCC); Walt Sommers (P.FT); Sheila Walton (LWTC)

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    • a.

      Welcome from VP of Student Services Theresa McKenzie, Ph.D.

    • b.

      Introduction of CUSP members

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    Topic: Discussion/Sharing of Internet Tools

    • a.

      Demonstrations of various internet tools where shared. Links highlighted are listed below.

    • b.

      Advantages to using social networking sites: post information about anything related to the student programs department; events, job postings, announcements. Social networking is in the workplace and this can help with a communal thought process that is becoming transformational in the general work experience. These tools can help students and staff learn better social networking skills.

    • c.

      Disadvantages to using various sites: keeping the information current and managing it, lack of bandwidth, lack of staff to keep information current. How do using these tools effect social justice, low income students, information access by students without that access? That is a possible cause of concern related to equitable information sharing.

    • d.

      Q: How many resources are we spending time on for a small student population?

      • i.

        A target audience will be coming to college who are coming to college now and soon; meaning that using these tools will be more prevalent to all student population, regardless of the size.

    • e.

      Feedback why use these various tools?

      • i.

        A certain segment of student populations use them. Facebook is more widely utilized than MySpace; when beginning to use these tools, begin with Facebook. Students can post their information/experiences to the site.

      • ii.

        Social networking helps students connect to each other through shared experiences found on the websites.

      • iii.

        Bellevue College worked with the ASG to determine how campus spaces are used. It was determined that space was “limited use”; meaning more people could access social networking sites.

    • f.

      SkillsPath is a resource to utilize, to determine what kinds of policies are in place to use these services.

    • g.

      Before setting up accounts, develop a statement of use agreement if students are managing those tools. An example will be sent from Pierce Puyallup to the listserv. Ensure administrators are in the loop about choices made for the sites; music choices, pictures, etc.

      • i.

        Include interaction on social networking sites in leadership training.

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      • i.



Can be used to schedule easy things, like meetings.



The site does take purchase order numbers, there is a limited amount of

responses until you need to pay. Angel/blackboard


Can be used to send out college related information, like quick surveys.





Social Networking Services i. Wiki - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social


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