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3 6 0 d e g r e e p r o c e s s b u t r a t h e r t a r g e t e d r e s e a r c h b y a s m a l l g r o u p w i l l b u i l d t h e e n d A n u p product. Related to bill 5776; services and activities fees may be created or increased in support of student lobbying or support of a larger student lobbying organization. A system wide report was submitted that reviewed campuses safety and security offices. The report is available in your college’s President’s office. After issues have been addressed, the report will be released to the system. By July 1, 2009 Blackboard will end. Angel is the new software available for on-line learning. The SBCTC is asking colleges not to develop their own software to accompany Angel. Angel is managed through a system wide license and any additional software needs to be developed in cooperation with the State Board. Using Angel as a student life application has not been decided upon; there may be a technical fee issue associated with that usage. However, Angel is a scalable application with “widgets” to use for non-instructional purposes. Degree Audit code will be released to campuses and training sessions will be offered for groups and individuals beginning July, 2009. Registrars will most likely receive a separate training experience before other staff receive training. Financial Aid Management system is being used but is experiencing issues. The software will continue to be used and fixes will occur on an on-going basis. An identified issue with the software is between FAM and HP 3000. Running Start fee collection and distribution will be decided at a local level. d a t e t o t h e F . E . R . P . A l a w w a s h a n d e d o u t .

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    Old Business

    • a.

      Legislative Academy debrief

      • i.

        $300.00 remaining in the budget. The Voice Academy planning committee would like to retain the fund balance from the Legislative Academy to support costs associated with the Voice Academy. The committee asked for support of such a motion.

      • ii.

        Walt Sommers so moved, Jonathan Brown seconded;

      • iii.

        Motioned carried; 1 abstention.

  • b.

    CUSP Leadership and Activities Institute

    • i.

      An update was provided by Sheila Walton which included: showcase, go-green initiative, educational sessions, t-shirts, hotel room confirmations. The group identified various ideas in an open roundtable session. Those ideas are as follows:

      • 1.

        To further support performer connection with our students, ask performers to talk with students when they have been student leaders themselves. The idea will be forwarded to Rick.

      • 2.

        To support a greener conference, ask a company to support the Institute by giving them smart phones preloaded with all the information available for each workshop.

      • 3.

        Use clickers to help with the evaluation process; this would improve the evaluation numbers and also make it easier to gather data. How do we gather qualitative information?

      • 4.

        Ed Sessions outcomes were based on three general outcomes supported by each workshop

        • a.

          The ed session committee would like to get an agreement that the ed session language is still good and the outcome language is agreed upon. Mari will work with the Ed Session committee on the language for outcomes based assessment, as matched with the workshop outcomes and the language used on the evaluation. The ed session committee will work on this and send out the information to the listserv.

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