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    • ii.

      What is inclusive leadership and how do you present it to your groups on campus? The group would like to know what models the colleges are using and how does the Institute achieve that goal for your training. Diversity/multicultural language should be included in workshop outcomes, as well as main outcomes.

    • iii.

      Roundtables: use the experience as a last day piece to keep everyone engaged; provide a training at the I about being a RT presenter – CUSP’er introduce the RT presenter and provide guidelines; provide RT presenters nametags with ribbons ask on registration form if students want to facilitate a RT; do a pre-ask for questions and have them at the conference; use the experience as a guided questions based on generated issues and then have questions; track the questions year to year and begin trending the questions;

  • c.

    Student Voice Academy

    • i.

      The Voice Academy is scheduled for May 1st and 2nd. Last year, 17 of the 34 schools attended; this year 18 schools are participating. 89/90 students currently registered. Platforms are needed by all schools. All platforms are to be sent to Mari issue/college/all text a large packet to be produced for all participants.

      • 1.

        Idea: next year, minimize cost and time by pre-printing packets for attendees, by each college. That will require all platforms to be finished on time.

    • ii.

      Based on last year’s evaluations the following changes have been made:

      • 1.

        The conference was split into two days due to feedback by participants of the day being too long to absorb all the information.

      • 2.

        The agenda has the learning outcomes outlined.

      • 3.

        Not as many SBCTC members doing the talking.

      • 4.

        White paper will be written over lunch.

      • 5.

        For those students not writing, there will be other activities going on. More time will be used to review the white paper allowing for more schools to participate in that review.

    • iii.

      Although OC will not send students Toni Hartsfield volunteered to help; Monica Lundberg will also be available to volunteer.

    • d.

      Lori Rhett Award: Mari Kruger

      • i.

        Criteria and nomination forms were sent to schools. One has been received. The message has been sent to the CUSP listserv, President’s listserv, Dean’s list, ASG President’s listserv. May 15th is the final submittal deadline. No submittals from last year will be accepted for this year. Those who submitted will be notified to re-submit their nominations.

    • e.

      Student rally

      • i.

        The rally was well received and worked out very well. Legislators were impressed by the showing and by all who attended.

      • ii.

        If future rallies are developed, due to the success of the student statements, CUSP might consider prepping students with a caucus experience and topic development.

  • 7.

    New Business

    • a.

      2008 2009 work plan discussion/committee reports

      • i.

        Mari will send work plan outcomes to Kelly/Sheila, which will be sent to the listserv. An updated report on her outcome will be provided by Mari at the fall meeting.

      • ii.

        New Professionals update: coordinate with the initiative of inviting new CUSP members and then the Institutes. The report to the President’s Council will include identified topics for new professional sessions, coordinate new professional discussions at meetings, and low attending schools at the council.

      • iii.

        Governance update: NWAAC map eastern region 6 schools, north, mid, south. Does the map work? A regional coordinator will be appointed to contact new members.

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