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Questions by Justin Sausville

1) He is buried in the cemetery at St. Mary's Church in Rockville, Maryland, not fifteen minutes' drive from where the author of this question lives. That's not what he's famous for, though. FTP, identify this author who prefaced one of his works with a quote from "Thomas Parke d'Invilliers," and wrote The Crack-up, This Side of Paradise, and Tender Is the Night.

ANS: Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

2) A diene is a hydrocarbon with two double bonds. When a diene reacts with a compound such as maleic anhydride (a dieneophile), it yields a compound with one more ring than the total number of rings in the reagents. FTP, name this class of reactions which is named for its discoverers and which every first-semester organic chemistry student has had rammed down his or her throat.

ANS: Diels-Alder reaction(s)

3) The National Fenestration Ratings Council has its headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland and studies the best way to install windows. If there were a National Defenestration Ratings Council, it would have given a blue ribbon to the removal in 1618 of a window in Prague by Czech nobles who used emissaries from the Holy Roman Emperor to accomplish the task. FTP, what long religious war was directly precipitated by this

experiment in home improvement?

ANS: The Thirty Years' War

4) This type of prophetess is alluded to in the text of the Dies Irae, Tommaso di Celano's poem about Judgement Day which was until Vatican II sung at Latin Requiem Masses. There are also four representations of them in Michelangelo's painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. This is because the prophecies of these ecstatic Hellenic women were reinterpreted to support Christian doctrines. FTP, name this group, of whom the Cumaean

one is the most famous.

ANS: Sibyl(s)

5) This psychiatric disorder was described in the Hindu Ayur-Veda as early as 1400 B.C., and later by the physician Soranus in the second century A.D. Psychiatrists theorize that it is an organic brain disorder,

maladaptation as a result of the family environment, or any one of many other causes. FTP, name this disease characterized by social withdrawal, heighened emotional sensitivity, symbolism of words and behavior,  loss

of ego boundaries, disturbances of thinking, and incoherence.

ANS: Schizophrenia

6)  Late at night on the Disney Channel you can once again see "The New Adventures of Spin and Marty" and "The Hardy Boys" -- as well as the adults Roy and Jimmie whom I would never have let near children, even children as cloyingly cheerful as Darlene, Karen, Cubby, and Annette. A more recent incarnation featured Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. FTP, name this show, for which rabbit ears weren't the only animal ears one needed.

ANS: "The Mickey Mouse Club"

7) Lynn Margulies, a biologist at the University of Massachusetts, believes that these organelles got their start as the prokaryotic symbionts of early eukaryotic cells. It seems likely, as they have their own chromosomes which strongly resemble those of modern bacteria. FTP, name this organelle, responsible for the operation of the electron transport chain, the Krebs cycle, and the production of ATP.

ANS: Mitochondrion (acc. Mitochondria)

8) The opera house in Legnano still bears the name of the town’s native son, who at age 24 was the court composer in Vienna.  Of his 43 operas, Les Danaides and Tarare were probably the most famous. But his fame was eclipsed not only by such pupils as Schubert, Liszt, and Beethoven, but also by the rival he later claimed to

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