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have poisoned.  FTP name this composer, whose hatred of Mozart is depicted in the play and movie Amadeus.

ANS: Antonio Salieri

9) CAUTION: Two answers are required. Some people get bored way too easily. Both members of this duo had graduated very early from college. Their boredom expressed itself at first in some petty theft and arson, and ultimately in an attempt at the "perfect murder" in a search for "intellectual" thrills. It didn't work, and the two were saved from execution only by the intervention of Clarence Darrow. FTP, name the two men who kidnapped and murdered 14-year-old Bobbie Franks on May 21, 1924; only one of them survived to be released from prison, writing Life Plus 99 Years in 1958.

ANS: Nathan Freudenthal Leopold Jr. and Richard A. Loeb

10) This 50-mile-long waterway passes through Basra and Abadan andconnects the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers to the Persian Gulf. It was the bone of contention in the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war, which produced nothing except lots of corpses on both sides. FTP, name the waterway, crucial to Iraq's access to the sea.

ANS: Shatt-al-Arab

11) Julian Jaynes suggests that this red-haired Greek epic hero represents the emergence of subjective consciousness during the breakdown of the bicameral mind. Perhaps so, but what we're sure of is that he fought on the Greek side during the Trojan War, displaying such a knack for deception that Dante puts him in Hell for it. That seems a little harsh, because he spent years wandering the Aegean Sea and trying to get back home to Ithaca. FTP, name this hero who crossed swords with Polyphemus, Circe, and Calypso, whose son was Telemachus, and whose wife was Penelope.

ANS: Odysseus (acc. Ulysses)

12) In 1948, he was a battalion leader at Faluja Pocket.  In 1954, he published _Philosophy of the Revolution_, which detailed his rise to power over Muhammud Najib after the overthrow of Farouk.  FTP, name this Egyptian

president from 1956 until his 1970 death.

Answer: Gemal Abdul _Nasser_ or Jamal 'Abd an-_Nasser_

13) She was born with the surname Scicolone on September 20, 1934, in Rome. She spent much of her childhood in a war-torn suburb of Naples; after winning second place in a beauty contest, she became a model and film extra in Rome. This led her to European fame with such movies as The Gold of Naples and Aida, and then American films such as The Pride and the Passion, Desire Under the Elms, Man of La Mancha, and Grumpier Old Men.  FTP, name this actress and sex symbol, Oscar winner in 1961 for Two Women.

ANS: Sophia Loren

14) All cats have paws. Felix is a cat. Therefore, Felix has paws. This set of statements, moving from a major premise (All cats have paws) to a minor premise (Felix is a cat) and deriving a conclusion from the two (Felix has paws) is, FTP, called by what general term?

ANS: Syllogism

15) This fibrous membrane is covered by a smooth pavement epithelium and has two types. The parietal type covers the anterior and posterior abdominal walls, the undersurface of the diaphragm, and the cavity of the pelvis. The visceral type is a continuation of the parietal membrane which surrounds several organs in the abdominal cavity. FTP, name this abdominal covering membrane which often becomes infected when a swollen

appendix bursts.

ANS: Peritoneum

16) He originally had the name of a fifteenth-century Protestant martyr, but when that man's descendants protested seeing him transformed into a fat, cowardly, drunken knight, his name was changed to the one we  know today. He's very fond of drinking, whoring, and defrauding Hostess Quickly; he's also possibly the wittiest and funniest of Shakespeare's fools. FTP, name this knight about whom Verdi wrote an opera; he is one

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