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of Prince Hal's drinking companions in I & II Henry IV, his death is reported in Henry V, and The Merry Wives of Windsor may have been written to satisfy royal demands for more of him.

ANS: Sir John (Jack) Falstaff

17) The first edition had a preface by Maxwell Geismar.  Published by Ramparts Press in 1967, it details the psychology of African-Americans at the time, expressing their discontent with social conditions & advocating enacting resistance through Black Panther Power.  FTP, name this tome by  Eldridge Cleaver.

Answer: _Soul on Ice_

18) WAIT. Ohm's Law allows physicists to relate the current, voltage, and resistance in a circuit. FTP, what is the resistance of the filament in a lightbulb with a 6V power source and a current in the filament of 0.40 A?

You may use the formula for Ohm's Law, which is V = IR, where V=voltage, I = current, and R = resistance.

ANS: 15 ohms (prompt on "fifteen")

19) His name means "accuser," and that's what he originally was–sort of a divine DA. It wasn't until he was influenced by the Zoroastrian concept of Ahriman–the eternal principle of darkness–that he became evil, precisely speaking. But he took on the role of Adversary with much skill. FTP, name this spirit also known as Mastema, Belial, Beelzebub, and Lucifer, among others.

ANS: Satan, but accept other answers w/ discretion.

20) According to Homer Simpson, this President is at the party with all the others on the $10,000 bill–"passed out on the couch." It's not surprising that he would have problems with excess; after all, he confessed to Playboy magazine that he had "lust in [his] heart." Furthermore, his encounters with UFO's and swimming rabbits suggest a bout with the DT's. FTP, name this Georgian who had careers as a Navy submarine commander and a peanut farmer and who is currently involved in a number of philanthropic and peace-oriented efforts worldwide.

ANS: Jimmy Carter

21) This shares its name with that of a very cheap 18th century French finance minister whose hobby was making paper shadow portraits. In the early 19th century, many artists, including Francis Torond, Auguste Edouart, and Charles Wilson Peale, experimented with the form. FTP, name this term for an outline or sharply delineated shadow of an object.

ANS: Silhouette

22) He is usually depicted wearing a wide-brimmed hat, a cloak, and carrying a spear. His eight-legged horse was named Sleipnir. He had two ravens, named Hugin and Munin (Thought and Memory). He had only one eye, having traded the other one for a drink from the fountain of wisdom. FTP, name this Norse god of war, runes, and poetry, the chief god of the Norse pantheon.

ANS: Odin

23)This sculptor was responsible for many of the works in St. Peter's Basilica, Rome. He erected the massive baldacchino there, the Chair of St. Peter with its figures of Ss. Ambrose, Athanasius, John Chrysostom, and Augustine, and the tombs of Popes Urban VIII and Alexander VII. He also sculpted the Fountain of the Four Rivers in the Piazza Navona and an equestrian statue of Louis XIV. FTP, name this sculptor, born in Naples

in 1598 and who lived in Rome for almost his entire career, working mainly for the Roman Catholic Church.

ANS: Gian Lorenzo Bernini

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