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Questions by Justin Sausville

1) Name these empires that controlled Ouagadougou in the past FTP each.

A. This empire grew from the state of Kangaba.  It controlled Ouagadougou from its major city of Timbuktu.  Primarily a trading empire, one of its most famous leaders was Mansa Musa (1307-c32).

Answer: _Mali_

B. This empire/confederation of states fought against the domination of Mali.  It made its capital at Ouagadougou.

Answer: _Mossi_

C. In 1464, Sunni 'Ali Ber conquered Timbuktu by driving out the Tuareg. This empire originated from the Sudan region, but dominated the former Mali empire during the 16th century.  This empire pushed the Mossi south of Ouagadougou for a while.

Answer: _Songhai_

2) Given a brief description, name the school of Greek philosophy for ten points each. If you need the name of some major exponents of that philosophy, you can still get five points.

       A) 10 pts.: According to Russell's History of Western Philosophy, they maintained there could never be any rational reason for choosing one course of action over another. That is, they simply conformed to the customs of their country without subscribing to any of its ideals. The name of the philosophy has come into English to refer generally to people who do not subscribe to sets of ideals.

             5 pts.: Pyrrho; Timon    

(ANS: Skepticism)

       B) 10 pts.: Again according to Russell, in the late 5th century B.C., they advanced the somewhat forward-thinking idea that all matter was composed of physically indivisible, indestructible, infinitesimal particles of infinite numbers and types.

              5 pts.: Leucippus, Democritus     

(ANS: Atomism)

       C) 10 pts.: Responding to the demand for teachers of rhetoric in democratic Athens, they were traveling teachers. They tended to emphasize argumentative skill at the expense of ethical principles, and as a result were frequently accused of impiety. The name of the school has come to refer to arguments which are slickly packaged and convincing but lack real substance.

              5 pts.: Protagoras, Gorgias   

    (ANS: Sophism)

3) Given the proper name for a prescription drug, give the brand name under which the drug is marketed for ten points each. If you need the purpose for which the drug is prescribed, you'll get five points.

       A) 10 pts.: sildenafil citrate

                 5 pts.: male impotence

            (ANS: Viagra)

       B) 10 pts.: fluoxetine hydrochloride

                 5 pts.: Depression; obsessive-compulsive disorder

            (ANS: Prozac)

       C) 10 pts.: metformin hydrochloride

              5 pts.: Control of blood sugar in non-insulin-dependent diabetes

 (ANS: Glucophage)

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