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4)Given that f(x) = cos x, answer the following  for the stated number of points.

       A) For five points, what is the antiderivative of f(x) ?   

(ANS: sin x)

       B) For five points, what is the definite integral of f(x) over the interval 0 to  /2?

(ANS: 1)

       C) For ten points, if g(x) = 2x, what is the derivative of f(g(x))?

(ANS: -2(sin 2x))

       D) For ten points, what is the antiderivative of f(g(x))?

(ANS: (sin x) / 2)

5) Answer the following questions about cars for ten points each.

       A) This Bugatti car seems to be the perfect getaway vehicle for mobsters. It's a rather large sedan, with an amazing 18-cylinder engine (the cylinders are arranged in a "W" shape) and a 550-hp peak power. There are no concrete production plans yet, but the writer of this question would sell his soul to get ahold of one.  

(ANS: EB 210)

       B) Ah-nold Schwarzenegger's vehicle of choice, this AM General offering is very large and features a shockingly underpowered diesel engine which nonetheless manages to get gas mileage that would make an

Exxon executive leap for joy. For ten points, give the colloquial name of the vehicle that replaced the venerable Jeep in U.S. military service.   

   (ANS: Humvee OR Hummer)

       C) This model of domestic car had a starring role in the classic movie Top Secret. In it, its embarrassingly unsafe gas tank causes the incineration of a truckload of German soldiers. Name this car, which had an unnerving habit of bursting into flame after relatively minor rear-end collisions.   

                    (ANS: Ford Pinto)

6) And you thought your family was dysfunctional.  Given a synopsis of a short story by Flannery O'Connor, name the story for ten points each.

       A) An average, ordinary American family decides to drive to Florida with their grandmother. Everything is ordinary about this vacation. That is, until they have an accident and run into the Misfit, a wanted criminal, and his gang. Maybe it would've gone better for all of them if the grandmother hadn't recognized him; at any rate, his gang kills the entire family and concludes that "‘it's no real pleasure in life.'"  

      (ANS: "A Good Man is Hard to Find")

       B) Julian doesn't like his aged mother. She casts aspersions on his life; after all, his "‘great-grandfather was a former governor of this state,'" and his "‘grandmother was a Godhigh.'" But he still ends up escorting her to the Y for her reducing class every Wednesday night. And it's on the bus that his mother tries to give a handout to a young African-American child. This turns out to be a mistake, as the child's mother has no intention of accepting anything from anybody. She punches Julian's mother for her impudence. His mother then suffers a massive

stroke and dies on the sidewalk.

(ANS: "Everything That Rises Must Converge")

       C) Sheppard, a social worker and annoying do-gooder, wants to teach his son Norton how to share. So he takes into his home Johnson, a boy with a deformed foot and an attitude which combines good old Southern religion with a refined, awesome sort of evil. As Sheppard allows Johnson to take Norton's place, turning a blind eye to Johnson's blatant viciousness, Norton becomes steadily more depressed. The story ends with Norton's suicide, Johnson's arrest, and Sheppard's realization of his mistake.

(ANS: "The Lame Shall Enter First")

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