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            The droghte of March hath perced to the roote

            And bathed every veyne in swich licour

               Of which vertu engendred is the flour;

(ANS: General Prologue)

       B) This Nicholas anon let flee a fart,

            As greet as it had been a thonder-dent,

            That with the strook he was almost yblent;

            And he was redy with his iron hoot,

                And Nicholas amydde the ers he smoot.

(ANS: The Miller's Tale)

       C) I rede that oure Hoost heere shal bigynne,

            For he is most envelouped in synne....

               ‘Lat be!' quod he, ‘it shall nat be, so theech!'

               ‘Thou woldest make me kisse thyn olde breech,

                And swear it were a relyk of a saint,

                Though it were with thy fundament depeint!'

(ANS: The Pardoner's Tale)

12) Answer the following questions about the Napoleonic Wars for ten points each.

       A) In 1809, Austria tried to liberate itself from Napoleon's control. After losing the battle of Wagram in July of that year, Austria sued for peace with the French. As punishment, Napoleon used parts of Dalmatia, Slovenia, and Croatia to create a set of provinces called, FTP, by what name, taken from the Roman term for the Balkan region?

(ANS: Illyrian Provinces)

       B) On October 21, 1805 the combined French and Spanish fleets were defeated at Trafalgar by a British fleet commanded by, FTP, what man?

(ANS: Lord Horatio Nelson)

       C) In response to the British blockade of European ports, Napoleon organized the nominally independent states of Europe into what system, designed to destroy the export-dependent British economy and create a new economic order centered on France?

(ANS: The Continental System)

13) Answer the following questions about space exploration for ten points each.

       A) The United States conducts most manned space flights from Cape Kennedy Space Center in Florida. FTP, what is the Russian equivalent of Cape Kennedy?  Located in Kazakhstan, it is the launch site for Soyuz

flights and the subject of a rather bitter environmental cleanup dispute between Russia and Kazakhstan.

(ANS: Baikonour Kosmodrome)

       B) The genius of this German rocket scientist was a major factor in American success in the race to the moon. FTP, name this man who spent part of his career designing ballistic missiles for the Nazis and who was

one of the chief designers for the Saturn V moon rocket.

(ANS: Wernher von Braun)

       C) He was the last of the Original Seven astronauts to fly in space. Health problems kept him grounded all through the Mercury and Gemini programs. He worked as head of the Astronaut Office during that time, ultimately orbiting the Earth with a joint Russian-American crew in 1975's Apollo-Soyuz Test Project.

(ANS: Donald "Deke" Slayton)

14) Rammstein is a German industrial band which has become moderately well-known in this country, the more so because of their presence on the Matrix soundtrack CD. If you like ‘em, this is your question: given an English translation of a song title, give the German song title. These are worth five points each.

       A) "You have" OR "You hate" (read both)        (ANS: "Du hast")

       B) "Play With Me"                                            (ANS: "Spiel mit mir")

       C) "Punish Me"                                                 (ANS: "Bestrafe mich")

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