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       D) "Angel"                                                        (ANS: "Engel")

       E) "You Smell So Good"                               (ANS:" Du riechst so gut")

       F) "Do Y'All Want to See Your Bed in Flames?" (ANS: "Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen  Sehen?")

15) Given a brief description of a carcinogen and the cancer or cancers it is linked with, name it for ten points each.

       A) This heat resistant class of minerals composed of silicate fibers, once used as a fire-proofing material and as facings for friction related-parts such as brake pads, is associated with cancers of the lung and mesothelioma.

(ANS: Asbestos)

       B) This clear, colorless liquid with a six-membered aromatic carbon ring, used in the shoe industry as a cement and as a base material for artificial leather, has been linked to leukemia.      

(ANS: Benzene)

       C) It is the twentieth most abundant element, produced mainly in South Africa and the former Soviet Union. It is used in metallurgy, where it is often added to steel. Its salts are also used as coloring agents in

paints and dyes. It is known to cause lung cancer.  FTP, name this element, found on the periodic table between vanadium and manganese.

(ANS: Chromium)

16) Memoirs seem to have become a popular genre in literature of late. For five points each with a bonus of five for all correct, name the authors of these memoirs from the titles. Oh, and–"memoirs" not written by the people they're about are fair game, too.

       A) Radical Son                                                 (ANS: David Horowitz)

       B) Angela's Ashes                                            (ANS: Frank McCourt)

       C) Memoirs of Hadrian                                     (ANS: Marguerite Yourcenar)

       D) Lost Moon                                                  (ANS: James A. Lovell)

       E) Galileo's Daughter                                       (ANS: Dava Sobel)

17.Answer the following questions about modern art for ten points each.

       A) The city of New York experienced something of a flap recently when Mayor Rudy Giuliani tried to prevent the Brooklyn Museum from showing a selection of works from this London-based collection of art by

young British artists.

(ANS: The Saatchi Collection)

      B) This Bulgarian-born artist started out by displaying painted or wrapped cans and bottles. Gradually, the theme of wrapping on a monumental scale became his main focus, as in his 1972 draping of Rifle Gap, Colorado, 1983's "Surrounded Islands" in Biscayne Bay, Florida, and 1985's draping of Paris' Pont Neuf bridge in beige cloth.

(ANS: Christo Javacheff (first name only acceptable))

       C) Receiving sudden fame in 1962 as a result of his paintings of Coca-Cola bottles and Campbell's soup cans, he began to mass-produce purposely banal images of consumer goods and pop icons, most famously Marilyn Monroe. In 1968, he was shot and nearly killed by one of his hangers-on, an event immortalized in a relatively recent film -- the title of which, if we were to tell you, would make this a 1-point question.

  (ANS: Andy Warhol)

18) Given the principal city of a well-known county in the United States, name the county. The city may not be wholly confined to that county, but it will be the city most associated with that county. Five points each with a bonus of five for all correct.

       A) Chicago                                                 (ANS: Cook County)

       B) Miami                                                    (ANS: Dade County)

       C) Indianapolis                                                (ANS: Marion County)

       D) Nashville                                                (ANS: Davidson County)

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