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SWORD BOWL 2000 -- UT-CHATTANOOGA - page 9 / 9





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       E) Manhattan                                              (ANS: New York County)

F) Seattle(ANS: King County)

19)Given works, name the poet; 30-20-10.

       30 pts.: "The Sorrows of Albion"; "The First Book of Urizen"

       20 pts.: "Europe: A Prophecy"; "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell"

       10 pts.: "The Sick Rose"; "The Tyger"

       (ANS: William Blake)

20)A phobia is a pathological, irrational, and often debilitating fear of an object or situation. Given an object which is feared, name the general type of phobia. Ten points each.

       A) sinning     (ANS: Peccatophobia)

       B) being buried alive      (ANS: Taphophobia)

       C) speaking aloud    (ANS: Phonophobia, but accept also: Lalophobia or Glossophobia)

21) Given an expression in other SI units, name the derived SI unit which is being described for five points each with a bonus of five for all correct. For example, kg * m/s2 is the same as a newton.

       A) Joules / second                                               

(ANS: Watt)

       B) Teslas / square meter                                      

(ANS: Weber)

       C) Volts / ampere                                                

(ANS: Ohm)

       D) Newtons / square meter                                   

(ANS: Pascal)

       E) Amperes * seconds                                         

(ANS: Coulomb)

22) Answer the following questions about Voltaire's Candide for the stated number of points.

       A) For five points, what is the name of Candide's teacher, who through unimaginable misfortunes insists that "All is for the best in this best of all possible worlds?"

(ANS: Dr. Pangloss)

       B) For ten points, the treasure which Candide and Cacambo carry away from El Dorado is borne by  very large and inexplicably red animals. What sort of animals are they?

(ANS: Sheep)

       C) Two answers are required. For fifteen points, who were the parents of Cunégonde's servant, the old woman with one buttock?  

(Pope Urban X (acc. the Pope ) and the Princess of Palestrina)

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