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Chabot College

Course Outline for ECD 67, Page 2

Fall 2001

Expected Outcomes for Students (Cont'd:)

8.understand and plan for the special needs of parents and staff involved in

infant\toddler day care.

9.demonstrate the understanding of "team" appproach when working in an infant/toddler setting;

10.demonstrate the importance of working in a small group and how that applies to working as a team player in a work environment.

Course Content:

1.Principles of infant\toddler and two year olds development

a.Sequence of development in perception and motor skills,

knowledge and language, feelings and self and attachment

b.Individual uniqueness

2.Observation of infants and toddlers and two years old in group settings

a.Techniques for observations of infants and toddlers

b.Direct observations of infants and toddlers

c.Direct observations of care giving and group settings

3.Components of a safe and responsive environment for infants and toddlers and two year olds children



4.Principles of care giving

a.Role of the care giver

b.Respect of the infant\toddler as a individual

c.Building of trust and attachment

d.Concern for the quality of development of each stage

e.Meeting individual needs in group care

f.techniques of teaching infants and toddlers to solve problems and giving choices that are developmentally appropriate

5.Review of current practice in health and safety techniques in infant and toddler care

6.Infant\toddler curriculum

a.Care giving as in inherent part of curriculum

1)making daily tasks an educational experience

b.Facilitating infant learning through play

c.appropriate toys, materials and activities

d.preparing the environment

7.Review of state regulations in regard to infant\toddler program

8.Parent(s) and staff

a.Parental goals, values and cultural background and their effect on child care giving

b.Bonding and separation

1)Parents and care givers feelings

c.Day care as an extension of the home

d.Communication between staff and parents

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