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Interim White Paper - Midwest RPO Candidate Control Measures

3/10/2006 Page 11

Attachment 1 - Comparison of RACT Regulations

CTG Category: Stage I Vapor Control Systems – Gasoline Service Stations CTG RACT Recommendation: provides design criteria to achieve submerged fill, vapor return lines sized and free of restrictions to allow transfer of vapor to the delivery truck, no leaks in system that would inhibit vapor transfer to the delivery truck, and assure proper use of the vapor return line during deliveries.

LADCO States Illinois – Subpart 215.583 (State) Subpart 218.583 (Chicago), and 219.583 (Metro East) Gasoline dispensing Facilities

  • -

    Storage Tank

filling Operations Indiana – 326 IAC 8-4-6 Gasoline Dispensing Facilities

Applicability: Statewide Control Requirement: requires submerged fill and a vapor collection system for vapor displaced during tank filling Exemptions:

  • (1)

    all tanks less than 575 gallons

  • (2)

    all tanks less than 2,000 gallons that were operating prior to 1/1979

  • (3)

    all tanks with floating roofs or equivalent controls

  • (4)

    In Chicago and Metro East only, pressure/vacuum relief vents on subject tanks.

Applicability: only in Clark, Elkhart, Floyd, Hendricks, Lake, Marion, Porter, St. Joseph, Boone, Dearborn, Hamilton, Hancock, Harrison, Johnson, Morgan, Shelby, and Vanderburgh Counties and all new tanks installed after 7/1989 at gasoline dispensing facilities with monthly throughputs 10,000 gallons and greater Control Requirements:

  • 1)

    submerged fill, pressure relief valves, and vapor balance systems for gasoline dispensing facilities with monthly throughputs 10,000 gallons and greater and “independent small business marketers of gasoline” with monthly throughputs 50,000 gallons and greater

  • 2)

    in Clark, Floyd, Lake, and Porter counties must use a “CARB certified” (95% control by weight) vapor collection and control system.

Disclaimer: The control measures identified in this document represent an initial set of possible measures. The Midwest RPO States have not yet determined which measures will be necessary to meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act. As such, the inclusion of a particular measure here should not be interpreted as a commitment or decision by any State to adopt that measure. Other measures will be examined in the near future. Subsequent versions of this document will likely be prepared for evaluation of additional potential control measures.

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