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And sluggish snails, that erst were mewed, do creep out of their shellies; The rumbling rivers now do warm, for little boys to paddle; The sturdy steed now goes to grass, and up they hang his saddle; The heavy hart, the bellowing buck, the rascal, and the pricket, Are now among the yeoman’s peas, and leave the fearful thicket; And be like them, O you, I say, of this same noble town, And lift aloft your velvet heads, and slipping off your gown, With bells on legs, with napkins clean unto your shoulders tied, With scarfs and garters as you please, and “Hey for our town!” cried, March out, and show your willing minds, by twenty and by twenty, To Hogsdon or to Newington, where ale and cakes are plenty; And let it ne’er be said for shame, that we the youths of London Lay thrumming of our caps at home, and left our custom undone.


Up, then, I say, both young and old,

both man and maid a-maying. With drums, and guns that bounce

aloud, and merry tabor playing! Which to prolong, God save our

King, and send his country peace, And root out treason from the land!

and so, my friends, I cease.

  • Beaumont and Fletcher

Sumer is icumen in, Lhude sing cuccu Groweth sed and bloweth med And springth the wude nu. Sing cuccu. Awe bleteth after lomb, Lhouth after calve cu.

Bulluc sterteth, bucke verteth, Murie sing cuccu. Cuccu,cuccu, Wel singes thu, cuccu, Ne swik thu naver nu.

  • Anonymous

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