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At this time she received a letter from Ellen G. White who was then in Australia that said in part:

“Sister Henry:

....I have thought, with your experience, under the supervision of God, you could exert your influence to set in operation lines of work where women could unite together to work for the Lord.

There certainly should be a large number of women engaged in the work of ministering to suffering humanity, uplifting, educating them how to believesimply believein Jesus Christ our Savior….

I am pained because our sisters in America are not more of them doing the work they might do for the Lord Jesus....  Many women love to talk.  Why can=t they talk the words of Christ to perishing souls? The more closely we are related to Christ, the more surely the heart will know the wretchedness of souls who do not know God....

(Signed) Mrs. E. G. White.@

Now that her idea had become a specific assignment, and she felt she had the green light to go ahead, Mrs. Henry began enthusiastically to work out her dreams in a practical way.

In her book A Woman Ministry, she stated her vision of the work women could do in their own homes and then she continued:  It must go from our women to all the homes the world over.  And when each woman among our people shall come to appreciate her opportunity, and rejoice in it, realizing not the burdens she must bear, but the abundant strength that is given with which to carry them, seeing not the danger from the lions in the way, but how they quail and fawn before the courage of even a weak woman=s mighty faith; then shall our ministry go abroad in their work, strong, refreshed, victorious.

Another letter from Ellen G. White stated:

AThe work you are doing to help our sisters feel their individual accountability to God is a good and necessary work.  Long has it been neglected; but when this work has been laid out in clear lines, simple and definite, we may expect that the essential duties of the home, instead of being neglected, will be done much more intelligently. The Lord would ever have us urge upon those who do not understand the worth of the human soul.

If we can arrange, as you are now working, to have regularly organized companies intelligently instructed in regard to the part they should act as servants of the Master, our churches will have life and

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