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VISTA Blood Bank Software Version 5.2 Software Requirements Specifications


The Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) provide detailed information regarding the functionality of the software. These requirements are based on the intended uses detailed in Appendix F and the Safety Critical Requirements detailed in Appendix G. A variety of tools are available for use in meeting these specifications. In general, the data dictionary for specific files provides a great deal of control through the data type, pattern matches, and input transform requirements. However, specific algorithms have been included in the software routines where appropriate and Kernel Security and Menu Management provides additional tools (i.e., menu access and security keys for meeting the specifications).

As with the file structure and the rest of the documentation, the Software Requirement Specifications are divided into one general (G) and three major categories, donor (D), inventory (I) and patient (P). The numbering system used indicates which category is assigned to that particular specification (e.g., SRS#G1) is the first in the general category.

In order to assist in cross-referencing material and minimizing duplication whenever possible, the information in the column labeled “Functionality” roughly corresponds to the Safety Critical Requirements in Appendix G and the options. However, the term “general” has been used for those SRS which apply to more than one functionality. In addition, the Safety Critical Requirements do not include those SRS that relate only to the generation of administrative and management reports.

August 1998

Laboratory V. 5.2 Blood Bank User Manual

Appendix H-5

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