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Community tax loss, the reduction of loss of revenue to the area due to loss of property and jobs due to fire

Fire insurance premiums, the reduction in insurance costs

An organized body of trained individuals that can be called upon in a community emergency

Peace of mind

Use of Available Resources to Improve Fire Protection

Some ways fire protection can be improved, even if resources are relatively scarce, include inexpensive programs of action to raise everyone’s level of fire awareness and reduce the number of existing hazards.

In communities where public funds can be made available, you may wish to consider the value of expanding fire programs to include:

The Fire Department objectives of preventing fires from starting; of preventing loss of life and property when a fire starts; of confining a fire to the place where it starts; and of putting out the fire.

Public education programs designed to reach all citizens in your community through regular classroom instruction, group lectures and demonstrations.

An active and constructive fire inspection program, coupled with the public education program, organized with the intent to remove common and not-so-common fire hazards.

An active fire cause investigation program

A smoke alarm installation and maintenance program

A fire extinguisher program designed to put portable extinguishers into homes and places of business and to teach everyone how to use them.

Encouraging the development of better water supply and distribution systems.

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