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Safety Codes Act

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Water Supplies

A reliable and adequate water supply for firefighting is an essential part of the fire protection system.

Water must be available to replenish water tank trucks during and after training and/or at fires.

This supply can come from hydrants in the community or from natural or man-made sources.

A study should be undertaken to determine the reliability of these water supplies during dry periods and cold weather.

Methods should be devised wherein all natural water sources in the fire protection area can be used at any time of the year.  This would entail providing year round access with secure right-of-ways and providing dry hydrants.

A formal agreement for the maintenance and upkeep of fire hydrants on the water system should be in place between the fire and water authority (Appendix 4 is a sample of a Fire Hydrant Maintenance Agreement).

The agreement is based on the principal that the local government agency responsible for the water system should retain responsibility for maintaining the hydrants.  There are reasons that the local fire authority might be willing to pay all or part of the cost for maintaining them.

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