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This document is intend to provide instructions on how to install the Tri-Services Building Informational Modeling (BIM) standards, dataset and centralized workspace downloaded for use with the Bentley Building Applications It will also provide the necessary instructions on how the centralized workspace can be modified to accommodate your individual network environment and users and will discuss the logic surrounding its design. The standards and dataset supplied complies with the current Tri-Service CADD Standard.

The standards, dataset and centralized workspace as well as any concepts presented in this document are not intended to be definitive and all inclusive. They represent the current state of integration and adoption in the BIM process. The USACE CAD/BIM Technology Center and Bentley are open to suggestion, comments and feedback for the betterment and advancement of the BIM process. As you will see, the CAD/BIM Technology Center has provided many places in the performance of BIM work to enrich the BIM standards, content and/or process and hope all recipients of this document can be productive contributor. Please direct any formal feedback or questions concerning these standards, dataset and centralized workspace to david.m.johnson1@us.army.mil.


This compressed file contains data which is designed for and intended to be used in the design of United States Army Corp Engineers projects and is made available to USACE personnel and Architectural/Engineering firms under contract by USACE in preparation of a Building Information Model (BIM).

The recipient and user of this data should understand that this data is not considered static or comprehensive for all designs and/or facility types. It will be maintained in a continuous state of development in order to accommodate the evolution of standards, content and technology for future U. S. Army Corps of Engineers BIM projects.

The contents of this compressed file (Version 07Q3) are compatible with the following Bentley Building applications:


MicroStation V8 XM Prerequisite Pack

_ 01 msspp08090401en

MicroStation V8 XM

02 ms08090451en


At least one of the discipline specific applications listed below is required

Bentley Building Structural V8 XM Bentley Building Architecture V8 XM Bentley Building Mechanical Systems V8 XM Bentley Building Electrical V8 XM ProjectWise Navigator XM

_ _ 0 _ _ 03 stf08090439en 04 arc08090433en 5 _ m s y s 0 8 0 9 0 4 4 5 e n 06 bes08090410en 07 nav08090460en

The dataset and centralized workspace provided in this compressed file depends on the installation of these products, but does not include them or any Bentley products or licenses. It is the responsibility of the user to have the required software installed on the workstations which are to be used with this dataset and administration for installing, configuring and running the software. If you have any questions concerning these products, please contact Bentley Systems Incorporated. Bentley Select Subscribers can download these applications from http://selectservices.bentley.com/en-US/Support/Downloads+And+Updates/

TriiServiices BIIM Standards, Datasets and Confiiguratiion for Bentlley Buiilldiing Applliicatiions Version 07Q3

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