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It is recommended that the <project_destination> is to be a mapped drive destination and not a UNC path.

Select Licensing method

Using Bentley SELECTserver (Default)

The default USACE centralize workspace accommodates centralized license files and is designed to access a Bentley SELECTserver. You can use centralized licensing by either

  • copy your msv8.lic to the <workspace_destination



  • create a file called msv8.lic and “point” to the computer name that SELECTserver is

currently running on. In the license file you created, add the following line:

SERVER=”YourServerName” (NOTE: Always end this with a Return character)

SERVER must be written in uppercase letters. DO NOT use a “#” or “;” or “\\” in the server name.

If,, when launching a client, you receive a message about not being able to resolve the server’s IP address, or if it is being resolved to a value different than you want, you can add the following additional tag to this line to force a specific IP address:

SERVER=”YourServerName” IPADDRESS=”#.#.#.#” (NOTE: Always end this with a Return character)

More information regarding setting up a client license can be found in Bentley’s SELECTserver’s documentation.

Using a local or node licensing model

The USACE centralized workspace can be edited to accommodate a local or node licensing model. Using notepad.exe open the file USACE_01_Server.cfg found in the following directory:

<workspace_destination>\TS_Workspaces\USACE_Dataset_07Q3\ Workspace\Standards\.

Comment out the line beginning with the expression _USTN_LICENSING by adding a “#” in front of the expression as displayed below.

%if defined (USACE_Site) #_USTN_LICENSING =$(USACE_Site)Program/Licensing/ _USTN_HOMEROOT = $(USACE_Site)Home/


Be sure to save your changes. This will force the application to search locally (by default, C:\Program Files\Bentley\Program\Licensing\) for the license file.

TriiServiices BIIM Standards, Datasets and Confiiguratiion for Bentlley Buiilldiing Applliicatiions Version 07Q3

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