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Create shortcuts

In the Dataset that is extracted under <workspace_destination>\TS_WORKSPACES\USACE_Dataset_07Q3, there is a directory labeled “Bentley Shortcuts”, Inside this directory is a directory label “USACE Bentley Building”. This is a collections shortcuts

  • a.

    Copy the “USACE Shortcuts” folder from the Shortcuts Dataset to your desktop and open the properties of each of the TriForma Tools Icons within that folder to edit each target location.

    • i.

      Replace the Target for USACE MicroStation icon to: "C:\Program Files\Bentley\Program\MicroStation\ustation.exe" -wc"<Workspace Destination> \Program\Microstation\config\USACE_mslocal.cfg"

    • ii.

      Replace the Target for USACE Bentley Architecture icon to: "C:\Program Files\Bentley\Program\MicroStation\ustation.exe" -wc"Corporate Drive:\Corps\v8files\USACE_Dataset_07Q3\Program\Triforma\config\USACE_atflocal.cfg"

    • iii.

      Replace the Target for USACE Bentley Structural icon to: "C:\Program Files\Bentley\Program\MicroStation\ustation.exe" -wc"<Workspace Destination> \Program\Triforma\config\USACE_stflocal.cfg"

    • iv.

      Replace the Target for USACE Bentley Mechanical icon to: "C:\Program Files\Bentley\Program\MicroStation\ustation.exe" -wc"<Workspace Destination> \Program\Triforma\config\USACE_hvaclocal.cfg"

    • v.

      Replace the Target for USACE Bentley Interior Architecture icon to: "C:\Program Files\Bentley\Program\MicroStation\ustation.exe" -wc"<Workspace Destination>\ Program\Triforma\config\USACE_iatflocal.cfg"

You should do likewise with the icons within the subfolders “USACE Bentley Suite Options” and USACE Datagroups” if you intend to use these. Users should copy these shortcuts to their local desktops.

Creating user(s)

The Tri-Services centralized workspace is dependant on disciplines for the assignment of working directories, standards and other systems settings. The discipline is passed by a users network username to the applications. So it is important that you create a user configuration file for each team member participating in USACE projects and assign a default discipline code. Note, the default discipline code will not prevent user from accessing other discipline information or view information as if they were an alternate discipline.

To create new users:

  • Open the “<workspace_destination>\TS_Workspaces \USACE_Dataset_07Q3\Workspace\Usersfolder; make a copy of the appropriate discipline configuration file (i.e. _Architecture.ucf) for the new user and put it into the same folder.

  • Rename the copied configuration file to the user’s network username. (i.e. h2edgbkh.ucf). The network username should be the same username used to log onto Microsoft Operating System.

Note the discipline named .ucf file begins with an “_” (underscore) so that it remains at the top of the list alphabetically: do not include the underscore when naming your user ‘s configuration files.

Create Project(s)

Creating the project directory

The Tri-Services centralized workspace is delivered with a template project which contains the recommended directory structure for Tri-Services BIM projects and a complete BIM dataset to support the Tri-Services standards and the Bentley Building applications.

To create a new project you will need to copy the entire directory and its contents and rename the parent directory to the assigned Tri-Services project name. To access this project from the Project selection dialog in the MicroStation manager you will also need to associate a project configuration to this directory as described in the section below titled “Creating the project configurations”.

To create a new project:

  • Make a copy the _Template_BIM_Project_07Q3 directory and all its contents located in


  • Rename the copy to the assigned Tri-Services project name

TriiServiices BIIM Standards, Datasets and Confiiguratiion for Bentlley Buiilldiing Applliicatiions Version 07Q3

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