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cultural and social integration.

For Spanish as well as for Arabic and English, direct allusions are much more important than

transferred allusions, which appear so often in Russian. In both Arabic and Spanish, religious

allusions seem to be more frequent and significant while social and economic allusions are

apparently more common in Spanish.

Both the Arabic and Spanish specialists acknowledged the importance of the third component

of SCC which we tackled, namely reading between the lines In addition to classification of

background information in the Russian Language the following classes of BK have been proposed:

political, religious, geographical and national.

Respondents to the questionnaire agreed on the relevancy for Spanish and Arabic of the

components of SLC used in the Russian Sociolinguistic Workbook. These include functional styles,

genres, social and professional jargon and the so-called “common jargon”. In addition to these, the

following was proposed for Spanish. Due to the considerable linguistic differences among counties

and regions using Spanish, geographically -related distinctions should be added to the following list

of SLC. This full range would include professional, social, dialectal, age, and gender related

registers; appropriate forms of address for elders, children, pets, strangers, professionals and social

slang, professional jargon; and a wide range of acronyms from a variety of common and specific


In the Russian Sociolinguistic Workbook, we utilize the following definition and

classification of functional registers and genres. The functional style/register of the Russian

language is a combination of language elements that serves a specific sphere of life and that came

about as a result of the historical development of the literary language. Genre is a more specific

variation of a register that is characterized by specific linguistic and discoursal indicators and serves


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