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professional non standard usage (?) vocabulary and phraseology that due to frequent and common

use in mass media and everyday communication, has became accepted Russian usage by a majority

of native speakers. The existence of a “common jargon” is confirmed in Spanish but the question

becomes complicated by diglossia (actually multiglossia) in Arabic.. Learners need to distinguish

when it is appropriate to use Standard Arabic and when Colloquial Arabic is called for. It is clear

that the media has helped to standardize spoken Arabic, but interviews are increasingly conducted in

Colloquial Arabic as well.

5. System of learning activities

We contend that in order to help our students master components of SCC and SLC, it is

insufficient to simply present relevant information about the linguistic phenomena being addressed. In

order for students to learn to use these competencies with the level of automaticity and confidence of a

native speaker, procedural and not simply declarative mastery needs to occur. We believe that

specifically designed learning activities are the most important ingredient of a program that expects its

graduates to demonstrate proficiency in utilizing SCC and SLC in their speech. In the process of

developing a system of learning activities, we recommend taking into consideration the following:

There needs to be a balance between theory and practice. We introduce only such theory that

can serve as the basis for learning activities, and provide practice in using the linguistic phenomena

introduced in the theoretical overview. This balanced approach allows us to achieve the most efficient

way to improve students’ proficiency in SCC and SLC. The aim is procedural knowledge and skill,

based on the prerequisite declarative knowledge.

Targeted practice is essential for a student to achieve automaticity in recognizing and

especially in using of socio-cultural and socio linguistic information. We believe that it is only

through a sufficient amount of relevant practice that students can increase retention of the material and


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