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  • Match the studied components of SCC or SLC with their classification type.

  • Match the studied components of SCC or SLC with their meanings.

  • Match the studied components of SCC or SLC with correct completion of a component.

  • Match the studied components of SCC or SLC with their linguistic characteristics.

Mimicking exercises allow students to repeat a studied component of a competency

following a given example. The positioning of this group of exercises after identification and

substitution exercises is not accidental. The seemingly passive nature of these exercises is

misleading. In our system, mimicking exercises are the first group of exercises aimed at the

development of active skills of component use.

We believe that students cannot repeat, retain, and effectively use a language component if

this component considerably surpasses their level of proficiency. Even if a student manages to do

just that, as students with an excellent memory are sometimes able to do, the outcome of this

activity will be the desired one. Students may learn the language phenomenon but will not be able to

effectively use it in communication, as it was not previously analyzed, understood, and properly


We view these exercises not as a mechanical repetition, but as a necessary stage in the

process of internalization. They help students memorize a component and reach the required level of

comfort and automaticity of its use. It is important to underscore that these exercises which require

repetition of highly complicated native-level speech, at the same time allow students a certain level

of improvisation and choice while pushing them beyond their natural comfort zone. This exercise

type is intended to expand the students’ flexibility and range of SCC and SLC components.

Examples of this exercise type are given below.

  • Listen to the taped dialogue of two native-speakers who cannot hear each other. In order to


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