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facilitate their communication you serve as a sounding board for everything they are saying.

Repeat their remarks paying attention to the studied components of SCC or SLC used by


  • Listen to (or read) the dialogue of two native-speakers. Summarize the content of their conversation and try to repeat as many components of SCC and SLC as possible.

  • Read (or listen) to the numbered list of studied components of SCC and SLC. The teacher will give you the number of the component and you must then repeat the component.

  • Watch the video clip several times while repeating the remarks after the personages. Watch the clip with the sound turned off and sound the clip. Complication exercises are at the pinnacle of a student’s active involvement in working on

competency components. Student independently use the SCC and SLC components presented to

them in the process of written and oral communication. While doing so, students achieve two major


1. They enrich their speech with relevant components of SCC and SLC. In order to help

students achieve this objective instructors need to analyze students’ speech and subsequently

introduce speech improvements, which students then automate.

2. As a result of enriching their speech, students move out of their comfort zone and raise

their proficiency. Complication exercises are designed to change students’ practice and, therefore,

habit in speech use, and in so doing, raise the bar. Specifically, these exercises force a student into

less familiar territory, purposely stretching the student's linguistic sophistication by enriching his or

her speech with less frequently encountered SCC and SLC components. Examples of this type of

exercises are given below.

  • Read (or listen to) two texts (oral utterance or dialogues) – without and with studied


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