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  • Assisting with faculty development ;

  • Maintaining databases containing research results;

  • Facilitating collaboration among member institutions;

  • Advocacy and PR on behalf of affiliates;

  • Awarding of a Certificate of Native-like Foreign Language Proficiency (for institutions

without existing programs).

The Workbooks and the course template developed by CDLC for the above mentioned

project seeks to fill an existing gap in instructional materials and methodologies for instruction aimed

at Superior and Distinguished - level foreign language students. The need for such materials is

especially obvious today when the United States requires experts who understand nuances, subtleties,

and hidden meanings in foreign speech. These experts must also be socio-culturally sophisticated able

to apply appropriate sociolinguistics and pragmatics. They must also be able to use the foreign

language as effectively as native speakers in order to promote international and regional security,

political and economic stability, and cooperation on health, environmental, anti-terrorism activity,

climate change, and social issues in mutually desirable ways. The lack of such proficiency, according

to The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, poses a threat to national security.

The failure of higher education to bring students to native-like levels of foreign-language

proficiency in the US is legendary and has frequently been lamented by national media. This

problem has come up time after time since the late 1990s. Our schooling is simply not getting

students to high enough levels of foreign language proficiency to conduct this nation’s business.

Thus, the major aim of this project is to try to fill this gap and provide learning materials for students

who possess ILR Level 3 (ACTFL Superior) FL proficiency and want to reach ILR Level 4 (ACTFL

Distinguished/“near-native”) FL with the focus on Socio-cultural and Sociolinguistic competences.


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