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teachers of other languages, shapes this template as well. The thought behind pulling out the generic

aspects of these workbooks, is that a generic template will make the preparation of workbooks in

other languages easier.

The authors realize that not all languages are alike, and that there may be some activities,

some genres, some styles that are not relevant for the language that you are teaching. Likewise, there

may be some specific aspects of your language that are not covered in the template. The template is

meant to be flexible, and to guide you through the thinking process for producing workbooks in your


We also realize that sociolinguistic competence and socio-cultural competence are but two

aspects of ILR Level 4 foreign language proficiency. ILR Level 4 comprises a very complex set of

skills, knowledge, and capability. For this particular project, we isolated SLC and SSC because of

their relative lack of discussion in the literature and the dearth of their presence in language learning

textbooks or other teaching materials. Further, these are two competencies that students almost never

are able to acquire on their own efficiently. The available research indicates that most students need

to have formal instruction for developing SLC and SSC. Hence, the development of materials that

facilitates such teaching and learning.

Certainly, one can take other aspects of ILR Level 4 speech and writing and use this template

as a guide to thinking about those aspects, as well. Such things as grammatical competence (the

obscure, complex, and erudite uses of grammar that are not generally considered the “basic system”

but an elaboration of it), domain-specific vocabulary, and discourse analysis/competence are among

the other areas that can and should be taught by teachers of highly proficient students. We offer this

template, then, as a way to think through these aspects of language learning, as well.


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